The Venue: Rotterdam Ahoy


AnimeCon 2019 will be held at Rotterdam Ahoy.

We have chosen this location because Rotterdam is one of the Netherlands’ major cities and Rotterdam Central station can be reached by train from many large European cities. Ahoy itself is located next to a main hub for subways and busses, with one of the largest malls in the Netherlands attached.

However: the most important reason to choose Rotterdam Ahoy is the possibilities. With its large event halls, there is ample room for the Dealer Room, Event Plaza, Game Room and Food Court. While there are also smaller break-out rooms which will be used for workshops, lectures and smaller events.

In 2020, there will be a whole new building next to Ahoy: the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre (RACC), which will house the largest theatre in the Netherlands. With room for 2.750 seats, this theatre will be even bigger than the one we were used to in The Hague!

Because it's not only Cosplay we do, we are very pleased that this new Convention Centre will also contain 35 rooms that can be used for events and the video programme.


In Rotterdam, there are about 4.500 hotel rooms available. When we include the immediate area (Schiedam, Spijkernisse, Ridderkerk and Vlaardingen), that number rises to 8.000.
Next to that, there are plenty of smaller accommodations. Plus, we are working with an organisation to get a temporary festival camping set up in the park next to the venue.

Although there are no hotels directly next to Ahoy (yet), the subway station is only minutes away and the closest hotels are just one stop from Ahoy in either direction.

Points of interest in the area

The Park

Directly next to the venue, there is a public park named 'Zuiderpark'. The size of 430 football fields, this is the biggest park in the Netherlands.


Shopping for non-anime related goods

At about a five minutes' walk from Ahoy, you can find Zuidplein, one of the biggest malls in the Netherlands. With 155 different stores and restaurants, you can get anything from video games to a new outfit.

Located next to railway station Blaak, which is also a public transport node for bus, tram and subway, is the 'Markthal'. This indoor market hall houses about 100 food stands, 15 food shops and various restaurants.



Rotterdam is known as the architectural capital of the Netherlands. You can find many different styles of architecture throughout the city, with the Cube Houses (also known as the Pole Houses or Tree Houses), the Erasmus Bridge and the Euromast observation tower as well-known highlights.


If you would like to see some of the old architecture, a visit to Delfshaven is definitely worth it. This is one of the oldest parts of Rotterdam, which luckily did not suffer too much from the bombardments during World War II. This is the place the Pilgrim Fathers departed from towards the new world. You can find several points of interest here, including the Pilgrim Fathers Church and a VOC warehouse.


Although there is an ATM in Ahoy, it is possible that it will be empty during the festival! We advise visitors to withdraw cash either at their point of departure or near the station.

A list of the nearest ATMs has been marked on this map, please be aware that bank offices might close early in the weekend.

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