Anime 2010 After-party @ Stripdagen Haarlem

Anime 2010 is over. Long live Anime 2011! But before that, for some time now we have been planning an after-party for Anime 2010. Just two weeks after the ball in Almelo we'll be hosting a small mini-festival during the Stripdagen Haarlem. We will take over the part of the Philharmonie, the main festival building.

And it is not just little old us you'll be seeing there. MangaKissa will also be there getting you something to read. That is if you can't find something in the chibi-dealer room of our own. There will be workshops, video's, compo's and an exposition.

The fun thing about the festival in Haarlem is that it's not just a festival in a single building, but the whole city transforms itself into a giant playground for fans with activities everywhere. The problem with Haarlem is that for a long time they - and the rest of the Dutch comics world - closed their eyes to the Japanese invasion. This year their eyes are finally in the right direction! Unfortunately they were able to look no further than Eastern Europe with their theme, but we will help them to cast their eyes a little further.

Our world is kinda new to them, so be gentle. Just imagine an ice cream shop in Almelo offering free ice-cream for cosplayers! Tante Saar would have gone bust years ago if in Almelo!

So hop on the train to Haarlem. Have a fun day and teach them what a real festival should look like! And we didn't tell the best part yet: in blatant disregard of years of J-POP tradition: it will all be for free! :-)

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