Anime 2013 in The Hague

Anime 2013 will take place in World Forum, The Hague from Friday 31 May until Sunday 2 June 2013.

Yes! It is finally official! This move is a major operation for our convention as we've been in Almelo for the last 9 years, so please give us a little time in adjusting this site to the new location, but we are very enthousiastic about the possibilities of the new location. The size of the location, the number of hotels in the area, but most of all the way we've been welcomed by both World Forum and the city of The Hague was what decided the new location for us.

The contract is signed at last

The World Forum is a big location for us, so we will be renting "only" part of the location: the whole ground floor, Atlantic in the Souterrain and Amazon on the first floor. This leaves us room for expansion when we get more than the 3.500 visitors we expect to attract there. The location is served by three tram lines and multiple bus services and it has a large car park. There are 700 hotel rooms within a 5 minute walk - the booking of which we have blocked immediately - us being true to our nature - but that we will free to booking by our visitors in December. Within 10 minutes by bike the number of rooms is in the thousands.

To help us determine the full program for 2013 we invite all 2.450 Anime 2012 visitors to tell us about their experiences in the Anime 2012 Visitors Experience Survey. Leave your e-mail address and you might win one of our Clara & Marieke pluche sets.

Ticket Sales Closed

Booth open: 01-Oct-21

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