AnimeCon 2021 update

It has been a while since we have spoken about the future and all the things we planned.
In this post, we will unveil where we are and what is planned for the coming year.

Of course, we are all still in the middle of a pandemic. It is no secret that this influences the conventions heavily as many, including ours, were postponed or even cancelled. Since the situation will not have improved enough by June to hold a festival like AnimeCon safely, we will have to postpone this year's AnimeCon once again to next year. The exact date is not entirely finalized but expect it to be early June as usual.

Many of us are also looking forward to our new event: AnimeCon Classic. At this moment, we are preparing like usual, but we keep in mind that it might have to be postponed again. We are discussing the situation and options regularly with the venue and our partners. We all want to make the best and the most out of it, but as usual, safety first. We will keep you updated.
Is everything uncertain and sad news?
Because we would like to ask you to keep the date of December 11 and 12 open for a one-time AnimeCon Christmas special.
Yes, you read that right. Being the anime fans that we are, it is mandatory to have a Christmas episode and we will fulfil that on those two days in the Broodfabriek in Rijswijk.
Many details, will be announced at a later date as we are working on this.
One thing to emphasize: This is a one-time 2-day AnimeCon special. The normal 3-day festival will be held in June 2022 so, no worries, your 3 days of summer fun will still be there again.

There will be some questions and we are happy to answer all of those within the limits of what we know today. You can write us or join our Facebook and discord groups. Today your question will be answered on discord directly as a staff member is present. Feel free to drop in.
For more details, you will have to wait until we know it ourselves (or if someone takes a picture of our notes).
We hope to see you soon.
Stay healthy, stay safe and keep in contact with each other.

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