AnimeCon Classic Postponed due to Corona Virus.

Dear friends of AnimeCon,

It is with a heavy heart we will have to inform you that due to the coronavirus and the measures imposed on us by the government AnimeCon Classic 2020 will be postponed to next year. We do not feel that it is possible to give you the safe and high-quality experience we want to bring you, which led us to this decision.

Allow us to explain the rationale behind it.
The Dutch government has, like most countries, imposed restrictions on gatherings and movement within the Dutch border.  These restrictions will be in place until June 1st at least. If the restrictions would be completely lifted at that moment, as we hope, that would leave very few days for us to do the physical work for the event. This includes gathering the materials and equipment we need during the event, transportation and preparing the location. We estimate that this is not possible.
Furthermore, we face other logistical difficulties, like artists and guests from abroad who are also under a lot of different restrictions depending on where they’re from.
Lastly, our partners face the same issues. Not all dealers can stock up, cosplayers will not have had opportunities to come together and work on their performance, our food vendors might not have all the ingredients they need and the venue also faces these challenges to overcome in an impossibly short time.

This leaves us with only one option: postpone the event to 24-26 September 2021. So why next year? We have chosen to postpone AnimeCon Classic, The Roaring Twenties to next year due to several reasons. The main ones are those of venue availability and that many, many events are already postponing their event to the second half of this year, which gives us several hurdles to overcome as well.

Of course, your next question is: What happens with my ticket?
At this moment we have closed the ticket sales. We will contact you about the details in the next weeks, but there will be two options for you to choose from:
1) You can get a refund.
2) You will be upgraded to a hero ticket. This ticket will come with some small perks for next year to thank you for your continued support!

What about my hotel room?
We cannot speak for those who have a room in another hotel than the Theaterhotel Almelo.
However, the Theaterhotel will rebook your room automatically to the new date, and send you a new confirmation. If you agree with the rebooking, please note that only package rates that are communicated in the new confirmation will be valid. Should you wish to cancel your current booking, kindly contact Van der Valk – Theaterhotel Almelo. If you have booked a room without a package, kindly contact the hotel to cancel your booking, individual room rates for September 2021 are not yet available.

You might have a multitude of questions. We ask you for your patience so we can look at your questions and answer them properly. Again, there will be a Discord session this evening at 20:00. Feel free to join us and ask any questions you may have.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this rescheduling may have caused. Rest assured; we are as bummed out as you are. We have all worked very hard and would have loved to share AnimeCon Classic with you in Almelo this year.
If you still wish to go to a nice anime event at the same location this year, you should definitely go to Nishicon, which will be held on 8-9 August 2020,

We thank you for your understanding and hope to see you at our events next year:
AnimeCon 2021 at De Broodfabriek in Rijswijk, 11-13 June 2021
AnimeCon Classic, the Roaring Twenties, Theaterhotel Almelo, 24-26 September 2021.

Ticket Sales Closed

Booth open: 01-Oct-21

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