Changing the rules - again

With only hours to go until the ticket booth opens, it is time to announce that - as in all recent years - we have made some small changes to our house rules to reflect things we have learned we have to explain to some - usually a very small minority - of our visitors.

Of course as usual we will be vilified and blackened on social media for this and people will charge us with being evil and wanting to conquer the world because of the changes in the rules. Also as usual we will fail to see the link between our world conquest and these changes in the rules. To avoid this discussion we publish this short summary of the changes, with some explanations.


The bag rules 

First we changed the rules for the size of bags we allow as the 1 liter volume rule lead to many misinterpretations we have replaced it with a size rule and the new size rule is 25cm x 14cm x 7cm, that is almost 2.5 liters in all!

We expect that in practice this will make little difference as the bag has to fit inside that area. As we never dipped bags in water to proof them over 1 liter, the main difference is that we no longer allow bags that are over 25cm but very thin and low. Also if you stuff your bag with lead or something else to make it very heavy you will still trip our other security rules and visitors are still not allowed to eat or drink in event rooms or bring drinks into the game room or dealer room without valid medical reason.

In other words: we did not change this rule because it is suddenly OK to allow visitors to carry more stuff with them, but because fixed sizes are apparently easier to explain. As this systems works with hand luggage for airlines, we expect it to work for us.


Clothing rules

Visitors must cover their reproductive organs at the festival. Of course this has always been the case as this is required in public areas by Dutch law, but not all visitors realize we are no longer a non-public event with just 200 visitor.

Also we see more and more visitors with very young children so we thought it time to make this clear.


No hugging without consent

Again something that has not really changed, but some male and female visitors appear to need to be reminded that the fact that someone wears a costume you like does not mean they consent in you touching them.

Ticket Sales Closed

Booth open: 01-Oct-21

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