Cosplay registration open on December 23

Dear Cosplayers,

On 23 December, as an early christmas present we will open registration for all our cosplay competitions.
Please do note that if, in 2014, you have pulled out of the competition just before anime 2014, you will be placed on the backup list automatically.

New information and working registration links will be placed online on the pages of the different competitions and will be ready for you to read and agree to on the 23rd.
Until then, we will be working hard to update all pages regarding the various competitions we hold at Anime.

Just so you know, they are:

  • Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup Preliminaries for Benelux Duo's (Friday)
  • CICAF Benelux Preliminaries for Duo's (Friday)
  • European Cosplay Gathering Dutch Preliminaries for Duo's and Trio's(Friday)
  • World Cosplay Summit Dutch Preliminaries for Duo's (Friday)
  • Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup Finals (No subscription, only for national winners) (Saturday)
  • Animecon Group competition; Open to anyone (Saturday)
  • Bordercos; open to internationsl groups (Saturday)
  • Animecon Solo competition; Open to anyone (Sunday)
  • Euro Cosplay Dutch Preliminaries for Solo's (Sunday)
  • European Cosplay Gathering Dutch Preliminaries for Solo's (Sunday)
  • Yamato Cosplay Cup Benelux Preliminaries for Solo's (Sunday)

Please note that different rules apply to different competitions. You can join more than one with the same act, if your act adhers to all the rules for the various competitions you want to enter in.

If you want to enter in a solo and team competition, your solo costume must be different than your team costume.

Ticket Sales Closed

Booth open: 01-Oct-21

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