Dutch Manga Awards Winners 2011

Here are the reports by the jury on the winners of the Dutch Manga Awards 2011. The jury managed to surprise us in the reports with a last minute category change by deciding that Dear Diary by Aimée de Jongh ought to have been nominated in the category Fan Comic. Our apologies Aimée.

Category Fan Comic

It might sound cliché, but the jury debated very long. Wasn’t it about time that Shotaro won a prize for her effort and because Dear Diary is a good story that shows a less stereotypical side of manga? Yes, but not this prize, since this is the prize for best fan comic and the jury wasn’t convinced enough of the fan level.

Who fitted this category perfectly and was much better than the rest, is a story that remains faithful to the characters of the original. It has a super-Japanese drawing style with characteristic manga facial expressions and has that way of acting.

The lay-out and the graphical elements are the way a fan manga is supposed to be. If the jury wasn’t convinced enough it became convinced by the lovely yonkoma at the end of the story that fit the original Hetalia very well.

The justified winner is Robin Aerts with the story Tillykke Med Fodseldagen in the book Happy Birthday by the circle TamaGO!.

Category Original story

In the category Original Story the jury came to a unanimous verdict. They truly loved Yamata from Huang Jun because of the well-drawn action scenes and Yolin for the funny stories and her enormous production.

But unanimously the jury favored one story. A story that looked mature, showed developed drawing style, it stood out for its characteristic but original editing and camera views, with classical manga elements. Especially the artists in the jury praised the screen tones and use of black and white.

Some scenes are very explicit but never vulgar. The story shows a lot of emotion, and the drama is wonderful. That’s why the jury unanimously decided that Coined 2 by Marissa Delbressine from the book After Eight 2 by Open Minded is the justified winner of the Dutch Manga Award 2011 in the category Original Art

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