Dutch Manga Awards Winners 2012

Here are the reports by the jury on the winners of the Dutch Manga Awards 2012. As is quickly becoming the norm, the 2012 jury decided to dole out some extra praise for some of the works.

The jury decided that the story Narcissus by Nenesae from the book Metamorpheses by the circle Open Minded had to be added to the list of nominations for the Original Story award.

The works by Piers Goffart in the bundle Siroop deserved even more praise and was merited a special honorable mention.

Short Comics

This category did not stand out by its quantity, but very much made this up by the quality of the short comics. The jury was pleasantly surprised by the different art styles as well as the different kinds of humor.

But it was very clear for the jury during their deliberations that there could be only one winner in this category. The sense of humor is very recognizable for many of the visitors here at the Anime Con. The jury was pleasantly surprised by the stylized art. The characters acted expressively as well as vividly, which is not as common as you might expect. The winner is… Popsicle Suicide.

The winner: Popsicle Suicide, by Karlijn Scholten (Kiki) for her work published in the Anime 2011 convention booklet.

Category Fan Comic

It is always a real challenge to be original with existing characters. This story proved to the jury that storytelling is an absolute quality of this year’s winner. This story contains not only drama, humor but action as well as erotic elements which did not only complete the story as a whole, but also managed to give this short story a depth that was not seen in many other fan comics. Looking at the art style we can only conclude that the pages have a very dynamic lay-out and that her style of placing characters into events proves her quality in storytelling as well as providing art with her stories.

The winner is: The Judas Baptiste by Marissa Delbressine (Eanlynn), a story from the Open Minded book Serves you right!.

Category Original story

The prestigious category of Original Story of the Dutch Manga Awards and was not expected to be easy and did live up to its expectations. Where the jury did not encounter severe problems in making their choice for the other categories, this one caused a long and heated discussion about different styles, expectations and the whole field of Manga in general.

The story as well as the art style of this years winner, is clearly done in the very popular Shoujo art style. Recognizable as well as original in length and storytelling made the jurors choose this years winner to be Anna Verhagen. It shows courage to produce a story of 100 pages and she did not take any shortcuts finishing the story. Fear of being lost, not being able to return to family as well as fear for staying alive, combined with an interesting sense of humor and some action, proved to be this year’s receipt for a winning Manga.

The winner is: The Lost Angel Arianna by Anna Verhagen of the circle Pegasi.

Honorable Mention

The jury also would like to make an honorable mention in regard to the work of Piers Goffart. Piers is the author of the one page stories of Graf Schlafgemach as well as Mrs. Of Dreams, which both can be found in the small press publication Siroop.

They were utterly amazed by the quality as well as the originality and art of this book and would like to recommend this to all visitors to pick it up and enjoy something of people that we think will be heard of much more in the future.

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