J-POP at Abunai

It came as fast as it went by; the action-packed Abunai 2010 was held for the first time in De Koningshof (DKH) in Veldhoven. DKH is far from unknown territory for us: Anime 2000 through Anime 2002 were held there and the location clearly didn't lose its charm over the years.
Naturally, we were there as well with a stand in the Dealer Room, while our own Jeroen and Henri organised a fun-filled Voice-over event on Saturday evening.

We've held a special competition in which you could win The Last Airbender goodies (courtesy of Universal) and weekend tickets for Anime 2011 by getting the best score in the first level of Super Mario World. While the average score didn't exceed 35000 points, the winner took the first prize by a whopping 55000 points!
For those aiming to do better: next time we'll be playing a different game. ;)

Our friends of MangaKissa were there as well, providing nourishment for every manga-hungry visitor.

We've had a blast seeing everybody again and talking to people, seeing some beautiful cosplays, getting new ideas for Anime 2011 and generally having a great time.

There were even some funny furries in the mix.

However, no rest for the wicked as we'll be present at a Japan-themed festival in Hoogvliet, near Rotterdam come Saturday. You're welcome to drop by if you're interested or just want a chat.

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