Novotel and Bel Air Hotel rooms

First, some bad news for those who aim for a room (nearly) on top of the World Forum: there are currently no rooms available in the Novotel and Bel Air hotels near the venue. The reason is simple: they’ve either been booked already or are currently reserved by us for special guests, staff, event organizers, etc…

Please understand that we have to reserve an ample amount of rooms early on, just to be on the safe side. However, some of these rooms may become available at a later date. At the end of January we expect to have a ballpark figure of the number of rooms we will need in each hotel, but this will still not be very precise. Usually it takes until a couple of weeks before the festival until we know the exact number. We have discussed this with ITO Tours and decided not to hold on to these rooms for that long. Instead we will release the rooms in smaller lots, as they become available.

When a large number of rooms becomes available in one go, we will announce this (on our forum, on Facebook and through Twitter) but only after they have been made available on the ITO Tours website. The reason for this is that any system we choose to distribute the rooms will depend on luck. Announcing rooms to be available from moment X at day Y will just result in lots of people overwhelming the booking system, while most of you will be disappointed every time and not get the room you're looking for.

Therefor we advise everybody just to book a room when you can instead. If you are in luck and able to spot a room you prefer later on, just book it and ask ITO Tours to cancel the previous booking. Cancelling a room booked through ITO Tours is possible at least until a month before the festival.

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