Only one hundred hours left

In less than one hundred hours Anime 2013 will open the doors!

We have prepared an information item at fifty hours for all our visitors, but here we have some information for those coming to an Anime convention for the first time.

Information for convention rookies

  1. Bring plenty of cash

    Yes there is an ATM next to the entrance and for a small fee you can withdraw money using your bank debit card at the registration desk. But most dealers only accept cash and the cash payment queue's at the food court will be quicker. Why would you want to waste precious festival time waiting in line for an ATM? And if there is no line for the ATM, most probably it is empty.

  2. Carry your name badge

    You bring your ticket to the registration desk and there you get a badge. With that badge you can walk into and out of the festival as many times as you like.
    The badge has your real name and in a larger font your forum / facebook nickname on it if you entered it. You can still change your name and nick in the ticketbooth until Friday the 31st or you can have it changed at the registration desk - but that will hold up the queue.
    We are a festival where reality meets the online world. Do you want the people you'll meet to trust you as they trust you with their names? Make sure your name is correct. If you want to be called by your nick instead of your real name just say so. In many cases people will do so anyway.

  3. Mind the rules

    Don't be scared by what people tell you about our rules and our strictness. We didn't think up the rules to make you miserable but to create a better festival! Most of the times the rules will be pretty obvious once you are there.
    You will have more fun going to the video rooms let alone the prom while not carrying a 10 kilo backpack! Also the cloak & bag room is free.

And repeating our previous information item.

Information for convention veterans

  1. Our rules have relaxed

    No matter what anyone tells you, the fact is that we relaxed the rules. We still have rules and we still will make sure everyone behaves according to them, but there are more cosplay display and photography opportunities than ever.

  2. You can still book a room at a nearby hotel

    Yes the new location has enough hotel rooms nearby. Of course the cheapest ones are gone, but you can still book a room within a 2 minutes walk of the convention location. Check our hotels page.

  3. We didn't change the festival

    While there will be more visitors there will also be more things to do and more space to just relax. We did all we could to retain the feel of the festival and create an atmosphere where you can relax and have fun.

Ticket Sales Closed

Booth open: 01-Oct-21

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