Partners Against Piracy

The J-POP Foundation announces: Partners Against Piracy

The sale of bootlegs products is a constant source of irritation for us and other festivals in the Netherlands. We discussed this with some of them and decided to open a new front in the constant battle against bootlegs: Partners Against Piracy.

The idea is simple: we check for bootlegs at their festival and they at ours. Kicking out an offending dealer will remain the responsibility of the festival organizer, but the organization doing the checking organization will warn both the current festival and the dealer, telling the dealer to either remove the bootlegs products from the dealer room or they will not be allowed entry at the checking festival. Our starting partners are Abunai, Tsunacon and YayCon and we will shortly announce more partners, including some festivals in other countries. Our partners will also announce their partnerships on their sites.

The idea is not to create some giant organization: that someone is our partner does not mean they are our partners partner. Also we will not share any information on targeted dealers except with the festival were we met the dealer, but we hope that multiple organizations telling a dealer to stop selling bootlegs will work better than being told so by just one organization who is very busy with organizing a festival.

Read the full story, including why we fight bootlegs - on our new bootlegs page.

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