Winners Dutch Manga Awards 2013

Here are the reports by the jury on the winners of the Dutch Manga Awards 2013.

Short comics

Like last year this category did not stand out by its quantity, but very much made this up by the quality of the short comics. The jury was pleasantly surprised by the different art styles as well as the different kinds of humor.

Milou stood out with her charming drawing style and personal daily observervations. Bat babies Succesfully transformed dark and brooding superheroes into cute adorable chibies. Dode poes en vissekop brought two undead but very likeable characters to life.

The short comic that impressed the jury the most and therefore announced it as a winner is Hamster en Big because of its original and consistent drawing style. Its absurd humour wich makes you laugh out loud.
The winner of the DMA Short Comics 2013 is Hamster en Big by Bram Buurma.

Fan Comic

Initial D Eurostage by Toni impressed the jury with its movie like storytelling. A big hand for the elegance of Crackadoom. The exuberant fun in Burdened with Glorious Dumbass is enhanced by its clear drawing style and expressive characters. The page variety grabs your interests and continues to do so.

The winner of the DMA Fan Comic 2013 is Burdened with Glorious Dumbass by Mari.

Original story

Intriguing world building in Follow the norm and impressive and convincing battle scenes in Yamata. The mistery and symbolism in Poison fueled the story. From the same anthology Self Destruction by CrackBrained Doujinshi wich is highly reccommended by the jury, comes Lotte by Merwilla. It's a strong dramatic and moving story wich delivers the message in a chilling and at the same time subdued way. Her choice to tell the story in children's drawings is original and very effective.

This story definitely stood out for the jury among a very strong and diverse field of contenders.
The winner of the DMA original story 2013 is Lotte by Merwilla.

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