Winners Dutch Manga Awards 2014

Here are the reports by the jury on the winners of the Dutch Manga Awards 2014.

Short comics

Willem Gladbeek in Asbest had an absurd combination of characters. Sharks! Well not sharks with freaking laser eyes, but sharks!

Voor de wetenschap by Thessa Blijleven is a nice collection of scientific insider yokes, but do how do explain to normal folks? We like to encourage the style of drawing as seen last on the inside of this publication.

A geeks life by Peter van der Toorn has recognizable jokes for especially gamers and geeks, enthusiastic, a good quality vs quantity and consistency in the whole publication. Longer stories would make a welcome addition to an already catching en enthusiast acting. Oh and get a different girlfriend or at least a new haircut.

The winner is Peter van der Toorn with a Geeks life.

Fan Comic

Darkness Rising by Cheesecake is a complete and entertaining mash-up brilliantly combining Scooby Doo horror mystery settings and the Abunai festival theme of horror, taking Scooby Doo and turning a festival theme in to a fine story. The use of color adds to the story. The combined efforts of cheesecakes delivered an excellent piece teamwork.

A touch of Air by Cheesecake's Milou van Monfort is very original, the drawing style makes good use of contrast: a real piece of craftsmanship. A compelling story well fitting in the Avatar Universe. Cinematic style of paneling enhances the emotional impact of the drama enabling the characters to really come alive. Please do continue and surprise us with compelling story telling and beautiful artwork and unique style of shading.

Satellite from the booklet Vocaloid Remix by Shiroi Hana's Dara is a cute story with a typical manga drawing style. A high expectation of an introduction with unique setting with space cities inside space jellyfish however the strong opening did not carry over towards the story.

The winner of the DMA Fan Comic 2014 is Milou van Monfort with A touch of Air.

Original story

Moonbane by Nemesae from Open Minded in After Eight vol. 5 has a sublime art style, but the storytelling would benefit from working together with a scriptwriter. Her art skills are of such high quality that they will appeal to a world wide audience.

Rose of Glass by Anne from Circle Pegasi is a good story, color full, a neat well written story, a fairy tale with a surprising end. A solid piece of work in details, finishing. From a publishers point a good viable product.

Hemelvlucht by Nelleke Schoemaker and Paul Vromen in the December 2013 number of Aniway displays an impressive art style and coloring, The story needs more room which hampers the overall picture and disappoints a bit, the whole story and drawing gives a good first impression, looking a details we see room for future improvements. Work on a bigger canvas!

My highness by Brenna Ivyfrom Open Minded in After Eight vol. 5 is an exemplary comic in the boy love genre, even it is the final chapter it’s still a compelling story with likeable characters and good consistent artwork, a great promise for the future. The jury want you to continue, extend your styles and stories, and to get it published.

It was a close call in this race to the finish, but the one and only winner of the 2014 Original Story awards is Brenna Ivy with My Highness.

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