Winners Dutch Manga Awards 2015

Here is the report by the jury on the Dutch manga Awards 2015

Short Comic

Squabe by Abe Borst has a nice own style and good jokes but is very in-crowd. 

Thessa Blijleven has greatly improved her drawing skills in Voor de wetenschap 2 though the humor and decor can use more work. Over eten: good use of color and well touched up, but the humor was sometimes somewhat flat.

Emma Ringelding's work Ringeldingen was funny, recognizable and has a consistent and recognizable style. The humor is widely accessible though the characters could be more consistent and recognizable.

The winner is Emma Ringelding with Ringeldingen.

Fan Comic

Favorable prospects by Debby Perlgröm of Nebula Circle is a classic yaoi comic with a well rounded story. The jury advises Debby to trust more in the power of paneling and less on the use on onomatopoeia. Also important for yaoi is a consistent use of research materials to ensure that the level of anatomic correctness does not change during the story.

AnbunHigh by the circle Cheesecake was not a typical fan comic, but still the fun of the creators came over well and there the humor was good, but actually we expect better from Cheesecake.

Where is Walder is what we have come to know as a typical Mari fan comic, but we also know she can produce better work. The humor and drawing style did not suite everybody in the jury, but everyone in the jury would have liked to see more of Shanna's Hodor comic.

This was a difficult category this year with few submissions and no single work that stood clearly above the others. Still and all this years winner is Favorable prospects by Debby Perlgröm.

Original story

The flowers blooming in the sky by Noriko Aoki is a classic doujinshi telling a moving and well rounded story that brought one member of the jury to tears. The jury does see some room for improvement in the integration of the decor and attributes.

A song called city by Rik Willemen has a lot of potential, but sometimes story goes to fast and the quality is not consistent, but overall the world-building is magnificent.

The mirror master by Marcitach in Feeding the soul by the circle Crackbrained doujinshi touched the jury deeply. It manages to make a hard topic discussible, visualizes anorexia and makes it understandable. Also the booklet as a whole is (again) first class.

The winner is The mirror master by Marcitach in Feeding the soul by the circle Crackbrained doujinshi.

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