Winners Dutch Manga Awards 2016

Here is the report by the jury on the Dutch manga Awards 2015

Short Comic

Ringeldingen II by Emma Ringelding: Hilarious comics inspired both by everyday life and pop culture. A great mix of the absurd and relatable. Would however benefit from every comic in the book having the same art style, to make it feel more as a whole.

Tacticians Journey by Circle Pegasi: Every fire emblem fan will love this book! A bit more difficult to understand for the judges who weren't though, the injoke levels are high with this one. The jury feels the book as a whole would have benefited from maybe a bit more time spent on the art.

Blue Bird Days by Valerie Chang: Great little jokes about games and the people (or birds) that play. Expertly drawn in a fun professional way. The whole book just screams "fun"! The last pages were filled with bonus-art by the artist which looks great, but the jury would have preferred some more comics.

The winner of the DMA 2016 Short comic award is: Valerie Chang with Blue Bird Days.

Fan Comic

Still waters run deep by Merenwen-Luinwee: A dynamically told story, offering more depth than your typical boys love doujinshi. The expressive faces and good interaction between the characters made this doujinshi a definite fan favorite. Try to make the characters more on model and invest in more complex background.

Words unspoken by Nebula Circle: A classic boys love doujinshi following a traditional storyline and like the title suggests needing a minimal amount of text of text. The jury advices to invest more time in anatomy backgrounds to loosen up the style.

The powerpuff gophers by the circle Cheesecake!: A very inventive and fun comic that combines the lore of powerpuff girls and your typical convention-gopher troubles. Making clever use of the comic to envision and to draw out convention rules. Investing more time will improve this.

The winner of the DMA 2016 Fan comic award is Merenwen-Luinwee with Still waters run deep.

Original story

Cotton Candy Latte by Lae Schäfer: Surprising original story With a fresh dynamic colorful art style and a spicy twisty leaving the audience thirsty for more! And made in just 24 hours, amazing job. the only point of critique is that The wolf characters are bit difficult to distinguish from one and another.

Bitter by Valerie Chang: A dark and gloomy story that digs deep and crawls under the skin. A fascinating new sight to Valerie's art style that the jury would love the see more developed as the story telling is already so strong the comic could benefit from investing more time in shading.

Quest of Yin by Isabel Baele: A convincing self confident story made with a lot fun and with a attention to detail. Use of color and detailed world building and add to feel and look of the comic. The jury advises Isabel to pay attention to storytelling, focus and to make the page less cluttered by adding gutters or white space.

The winner of the DMA 2016 original comic is Isabel Baele with Quest of Yin.

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