The Winners of the NEW Dutch Manga Awards 2017

The Winners of the NEW Dutch Manga Awards are in!

Winners Short Story

  1. Cy – (untitled)
  2. Webbelart – Spacebunny: Memories
  3. Bamiboy Design – Bamiboy vs Debt Demon
  4. Lynyster – I Am Weak
  5. MS Pol - (untitled)

Winners Character Design

  1. Joris Habraken – Bella Bitterbal
  2. Kellidraws – Purdie
  3. MJO – Hiiro / Ellen Stryder

All artists have won free entry to our festival on Friday, a Wacom masterclass and - a last minute development - a 50,- euro check for top-class drawing materials from Royal Talens.

The winners in each category, Cy and Joris will also receive 200,- euros from the J-POP Foundation and a “Golden Clara” during the Opening Ceremony of Anime 2017. Webbelart and Kellidraws each receive 100,- euros.

The jury decided not to choose any new talent award winner this year. Instead the J-POP Foundation chose to award Bamiboy and MJO both 50,- euros abd Lynyster and MS Pol both 25,- euros.

To see the works and the full jury report you will have visit Anime 2017. The exhibition will be at the ground floor next to the central stairwell. You can congratulate the winners and leave comments on their work using Wacom’s latest technology. Do not forget to bring your old Wacom products if you want to buy new Wacom products with discounts of up to 50%.

Lastly we want to thank Royal Talens for stepping in at the last moment to flesh out the prizes. You can get their products in any serious art materials store.

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