Anime 2018

For the 20th time as an N.P.O. (Non Profit Organization) Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur (J-POP Foundation) proudly presents "Anime 2018: Queens of the Round STable", the oldest annual Japanese animation, film and culture festival of the Netherlands. As the title already suggests, this year, aside from the latest and greatest Anime from Japan, we will be focusing on films and series with a royal theme and closely related subjects, which should be something else!


When, where and how

Anime 2018 will be held from Friday the the 15th of June till Sunday 17th of June 2018, at World Forum The Hague, The Netherlands. We have a fixed limit regarding visitor capacity and we can't be certain that we can offer tickets at the door, so please pre-register as soon as possible using the online ticket booth. For more instructions about pre-registering and buying tickets online, click here. At some point, the ticket pre-sale period will end. At the door sales, at this time, can not be confirmed.

Officially we will open our doors on Friday at 14.00 hrs. In order to start enjoying the event on Friday, you need to have a Whole Weekend or Friday Only ticket, or you can try to buy one at the door. On Saturday, the festival welcomes its Saturday Only visitors at 10.00 hrs and on Sunday, for our Sunday Only visitors, we open at 9.00 hrs. We expect it to be crowded at these times. So please be patient while waiting. We are doing our utmost to facilitate the speediest queue processing as is humanly possible. Please have your tickets at the ready when proceeding to the entrance. Friday and Saturday Only visitors need to vacate the festival before 24:00 hrs. For our Whole Weekend and Sunday Only visitors, the festival ends on Sunday 16.00 hrs. It would be very much appreciated if people would volunteer to help us clean up afterwards!

Why this theme?

Every year the staff struggles to come up with an 'original' theme. This year was no exception. We needed to choose a subject that offered at least a reasonable amount of showable material and should be mainstream enough to be interesting to a reasonable group of our visitors. As the regular visitor knows, the theme is used for only a part of the video program. There are plenty of other genres available for the visitors that don’t like the programming the theme might suggest we are showing, We endeavour to make sure that nobody will be bored!

More information

If you are familiar with our events (if not, there is plenty of information available on this site), you might know that Anime 2018 is not just about animation and film. We also offer various (pop)cultural events like a game room with the latest console games, a dealer room with the latest goods, and last but not least, several cultural events. Please check the events pages for further details.
For more information about the venue, hotels, parking facilities, and public transport, please check the location page.

Ticketbooth Open

7 days left in sales period!

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