AnimeCon Classic 2020 Program

Our program, full of a wide variety of activities, is what differentiates AnimeCon from other conventions. Putting up the full program is a lot of work and keeps us busy until the festival finally starts. In 2019, we had over 200 events spread throughout our convention.

The Events Team has always been a proud coordinator, mediating between the festival itself and all those hosts who would like to pitch in to entertain our guests. Lectures, workshops, contests, tastings... From classic tea ceremonies to boardgame nights, from Japan-related Bingo games to dancing workshops, from the AMV competition to speed dating, there are few events we won't consider hosting. If you have a great idea for our program, or would like to host this particular event yourself, please send an E-mail through the contact form, with the subject of "Other Festival Events". The Events Team will get back you as soon as possible. If you wish to correspond in Dutch, please feel free to do so!

As we approach the date of the festival, you will see these pages continually increase in number and expand in content and details. Also the information left over from the previous year will steadily be removed or updated to the current edition of our festival. Please check here regularly and check our timeline, where we always have the latest updates on the current convention.


Attention! At this time, we are not confirming any events for our big, standard AnimeCon edition in June 2021 just yet, nor are we accepting events for the AnimeCon Classic edition in Almelo.

Already our Festivalevents inbox has received many wonderful offers for lectures and workshops. We're so happy to see such enthusiasm! Unfortunately, as AnimeCon Classic takes place in a small venue with a limited amount of 'event rooms', some very difficult choices must be made. We ask for your understanding, as well as your patience, while we attempt to gauge just what sort of events we will offer to our visitors during the Classic edition. For that reason, we've set up a 'selection' process through a special Google Form and we hope that this does not intimidate anyone interested in hosting an event. We feel that with the overwhelming amount of responses we've already gotten, this is the most fair approach towards both the event hosts and our convention's visitors.

The Events team will assess every single submission to decide who may be placed in the Classic program. We will take into account not only the appeal of the event, but capacity of our event rooms, suitable times of day and other such logistics. Should you not be selected, you may instead be referred to a future edition of AnimeCon.

If you're interested, please proceed to our dedicated Google Form and submit your responses to enter the selection round. Please keep in mind that this selection round only applies to AnimeCon Classic, and please don't feel as if this is a huge competition. Any creative, fun event has a very good chance of being selected! Let us know whatever you're thinking!

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your ideas!

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