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What is the Game Room?

The Game Room is the place to be if you enjoy games! It’s a huge 1800m² space filled with big TV-screens, all displaying a wide array of video games for you to play, free of charge.

It’s a one stop shop for all your gaming needs. The Game Room features a total of over 150 game consoles and arcade machines spanning a wide time frame, from the classic systems to the newest hardware on the market. We feature a broad selection of games ranging from obscure old games or awesome indie games to the newest, most popular ones on the market. If you are missing your favourite game, feel free to ask the staff, we might just have it with us. It's even possible to request a game through our Facebook or Forum. There’s bound to be a game that will get you hooked, We guarantee it!

We also invite you to bring your own handheld game system, like your Nintendo 2/3DS or Vita, so you can challenge other visitors to play your favorite handheld game. Obviously, other handhelds like your Virtual Boy, Atari Lynx or Sega Game Gear are welcome as well.


What can you find in the Game Room?

Why, that would be a wide selection of the newest games around! Sometimes we even have games that aren't even released yet.

Arcade Games:

Arcades, for some it's a sweet memory of the glory days! For others it's just something totally alien to them, since they grew up with some of the more modern home consoles and only know them from 'that one store around the corner that has a 20 year old machine that hasn't been working for ages and always steals your money'.

No matter to which of these groups you belong, you'll love our arcade machines. We have some great classic gems, beat em ups, racing cabinets and some random surprise machines every year! Try out the fighting games of the glory days with real arcade controls, our just relax with a fun puzzle game, the choice is yours!


Whacky games!
We've got some whacky games you probably haven't even heard of!

Drum on the beat with our costum made Taiko no Tasujin! This great drum games has been a #1 hit in Japan for years! Hit the drums to catchy tunes ranging from your favorite anime soundtrack to Japan's greatest hits! A giant NES controller, 4 player pong, a huge Katamari controller and way more weird stuff is being planned, we have games you can't even imagine! 


Where can I find this “Game Room”?

With a new venue comes a new location for our Game Room. Please stay tuned for more information about where to find us in 2019! 


Competitions and Sign-up

What are games without a little competition, you ask? Well, you are correct, a game is twice as fun when you can brag about how you beat your opponent in a 265-Hit combo on Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.

There will be multiple game contests hosted in and around the Game Room during the weekend, and of course we will give you the opportunity to show off your skills at DDR. All visitors are free to join any and all competitions of their choice for a chance to win fabulous prizes.

For most competitions it is required to sign up before the competition starts. You can find the sign-up sheets at the entrance of the Game Room. Be sure to bring your friends (to rub it in their faces how you beat them!).

The History of the Game Room

It all started after Baris and Jasper met for the first time at the Anime convention of 2003 in Haarlem, where they brought their Gameboy Advance to have their own little Mario Kart Gameroom. They quickly became very close friends. When Baris was asked to take over the Gameroom in Almelo in 2006, he didn’t hesitate and asked Jasper to join him. 2006 was the first time the Gameroom was on the fourth floor of the Theater Hotel instead of a small corner of the ground floor. At that time it consisted of thirteen big and heavy CRT TVs and two beamers, with the PlayStation 2, Gamecube and Xbox still in their prime. Soon they added control sheets so that you could jump into the games more easily. After five years the Gameroom moved to the old Dealer Room location, giving room for the ever growing Gameroom to expand to now more than thirty screens. The area was even large enough to have the first arcade cabinets that visitors could enjoy. With some space left, Baris and Jasper even got creative and built a remote-controlled Mario Kart track.

In 2013, the convention moved to the World Forum in Den Haag (The Hague), facilitating the yearly growth of the Gameroom in the Pacific, starting from fifty screens to now almost triple that size. Bandai Namco came to the Gameroom annually to show their current and upcoming releases, and even invited the ‘Tales of’ producer as a special guest from Japan. Furthermore, we started giving Dutch indie developers the chance to show off their games at our event. In 2015, Warner Bros joined the Gameroom as well. In 2016, the Gameroom provided visitors the opportunity to try the latest VR headsets. 

After twelve amazing years, where they both poured their free time, love and energy into organizing their Gameroom, Baris and Jasper had both decided to make Anime 2018 (lucky 13) their final year. As they said: "We couldn’t have done it with our trusty, ever growing team of Henri, Susan, Choong, Renzo, Artho, Pascal, Lea, Edin, Maarten, Ceylan, Jan, Benjamin, Hulya, Salih, Kelvin, Emma, Steyn, Wilma, Naomi, Hidde and all of our friends and family that tolerated and assisted us over the years. Some of whom have been with us for over a decade! We also would like to thank our partners and sponsors for their professional effort to add something extra to our Gameroom. We hope you have enjoyed the way we ran our Gameroom and that our love for it has shown. We also hope our legacy will be carried on by the new group of enthusiastic Gameroom organisers."

Now, starting 2019, a new team has indeed accepted the torch. Steyn, who has supported the Gameroom for several years already, has taken over as the Internal Affairs Staff-member while Hidde will oversee all the external gaming companies. Changing the name from Gameroom to Game Room, we hope to indicate the difference between the gaming area that Baris and Jasper have created and the gaming area that we will produce. 


The usual rules apply. So, please leave your bags, food and drinks outside of the Game Room. Please note that the no-smoking policy is also in effect in the Game Room. Since the Game Room is usually pretty warm, please do not forget to use deodorant when needed!


Weekend and day visitors.


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