AnimeCon Quiz

It’s time to challenge your obscure knowledge of Japan and Japanese pop-culture once more! That’s right, the AnimeCon Quiz will be returning for AnimeCon @ Home. How high is Tokyo Tower? How many islands does Japan have? And how many shinto shrines? All these questions…… will NOT be asked during our quiz, because we will turn to even more trivial matters. We’ve set up a browser-based application which will allow you to submit your answers to us. The one with the highest score will receive a ticket for our next physical AnimeCon edition (which is June 11-13 2021 in Rijswijk)!

If you'd like to join the quiz, please first read these instructions on how to use our browser-based Quiz app! This app does not need to be downloaded and can be used on a computer, a smartphone or any other device with an internet browser installed.

The Quiz App


1) Visit the website and request your login token (a 6-number code) about ten to five minutes before the quiz begins on the live stream, just to be safe! You cannot log into the app without a token and as it will be e-mailed to you, you will want to request it beforehand. The token is valid for 30 minutes from the moment of requesting, though, so don't try and ask for it too early. So long as you request it about five minutes beforehand, you will be logged in and ready to go when the quiz begins.
2) The token should take about half a minute to appear in your inbox, but beware, it may end up in your spam folder! If it seems as if the token hasn't arrived, be sure to double-check your junk mail. It will be sent to you by 
3) Remember to request this token on the same device as you will be playing on. It is tied to a login session, so if you intend to answer the quiz questions through your smartphone, you will need to visit the above quiz link on your smartphone's browser as well.
4) Once you have your token, you may use it to log into the quiz app (you should still have the tab open in your browser). At first, you will see only a long list of “???-???”. Don't worry, that's perfectly normal. Once the quiz begins, we will activate each question one at a time for everyone who's playing.
5) Remember to watch our live stream as well! This is where the quiz will be hosted and at times, there may be questions which involve pictures. That sort of information can only be gained from the live stream.
6) Please take note that after a certain amount of time, a question will be closed. If you wait too long to answer, you will lose the opportunity to do so. As we're aware there may be some lag in the streaming services, we're trying to make this as fair as possible. In order to minimize that lag, we recommend watching the stream on Twitch instead of Facebook.

Because your login session is tied to your E-mail address, this means your score will be tied to your E-mail address as well. The player with the highest score will be contacted by us for the prize details! Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


AnimeCon's Live Stream


Saturday 14:00 - 15:00

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