Cosplay Runway

Have you got a beautiful new cosplay costume and a strong desire to show it off? Then join AnimeCon @ Home's Cosplay Runway!

Participation is simple: First up, read through the rules below. Then, don your outfit, record a video from a few different angles and post it to your Instagram account with the hashtag “AnimeConHomeCos”. If you want to do a little act, like a dance or a fight scene, go right ahead! If you only want to show off your costume and then run off-screen, that's fine too! Whether it's crafted from scratch, bought online or put together with common household items, any kind of cosplay is welcome. The most important aspect is that you have fun.

While we originally reserved a timeslot for this, the combination of all videos together is about two minutes long. Because of this, we'll be honoring the participants during our Opening Ceremony on Saturday!


- Your submission must be posted to Instagram before the end of Friday the 29th of May (23:59).
- It must be a proper post on your Instagram feed, not a story.
- You must include the hashtag “AnimeConHomeCos” (so #AnimeConHomeCos), otherwise we won't be able to find your submission.
- Remember to include your character’s name, as well as the series they’re from, so that we can identify them.
- The video may not exceed one minute (60 seconds). It may, however, be shorter.
- No nudity, profanity or other shocking imagery. Keep it PG-13, please.
- No copyrighted music, please.
- There are no age restrictions.
- There are no nationality restrictions.
- You may use props.
- Other people are allowed to be in the shot.
- By submitting your video to Instagram with the aforementioned hashtag, you agree to the term that AnimeCon will be airing this video on its livestream, Saturday June 6th 2020.


Instagram #AnimeConHomeCos


Saturday 12:00

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