HIGHFeeL and AVO Magazine Present: 11 Japanese Acts for AnimeCon @ Home

Belgian agency and tour organization HIGHFeeL mobilized in collaboration with AVO Magazine a number of Japanese musicians who will fill an hour with music during AnimeCon @ Home. Among the Japanese musicians who will perform, there will be one that will now return virtually to AnimeCon, namely X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus. In 2018, they could be admired in the World Forum on the cosy stage of the Amazon Room in front of a large audience.

The full line-up of musicians that will perform for this special event:

Good Thru Date
Sho Kotani
X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus
The Betrayed (Ryo Fujimura & Syu)
Somei Yoshino (ex-OROCHI)
Kihiro (ex-LOKA)

The names HIGHFeeL and REALive often come across as synonyms. This is not strange, since REALive is a subdivision that's been promoting and producing Asian indie artists since 2007. HIGHFeeL does artist management, production and more. Recently, HIGHFeeL released a charity album with friends of the company, titled Silent Spring. The album is distributed digitally and the profits from this album will go to local associations that help seniors and those working on the front lines during this crisis.

AVO Magazine is a bilingual website based in the Netherlands that shares the love for Japanese (indie) music and culture. The magazine has organised a number of festivals and concerts, including AVO J-Music Festival in 2018 and several collaborations with HIGHFeeL and REALive. 

Website: https://highfeel.jp/
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AVO Magazine
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avomagazine
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AnimeCon's Live Stream www.twitch.tv/animeconnl


Saturday 20:00 - 21:00

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