Please look forward to AnimeCon @ Home, taking place on AnimeCon's live stream platforms (Twitch and Facebook), as well as our Discord server on June 6-7, 2020! 


We at AnimeCon hope you’re all staying safe and healthy in these difficult times! Remaining inside as much as possible may be becoming a bore, especially with the cancellations of so many fun events. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce our latest little project, which we hope will keep you entertained, if only for a brief weekend.

Introducing… AnimeCon @ Home, our first ever ‘online convention’! We will be doing a live stream on Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th, filling the weekend we’d initially reserved for AnimeCon Classic. If all goes well, we’ll be streaming on both Twitch and Facebook! Our Discord server will play a large role in ‘visitor’ interaction with each other and with the convention staff. Expect contests, music, artists and cosplay… We’re going to try and get as much variety as possible in our online program!

Attention: Please bear in mind that all the times mentioned on this site are Dutch local time. That's the CEST timezone, otherwise known as GMT+2.

Do you have a suggestion for a fun event or do you have the know-how and the streaming set-up to host one yourself? Please let us know! Or do you have any other suggestions on how to make this live stream a great success? We’d love to hear it! Hit us up at festivalevents[@]animecon.nl (minus the brackets, of course).


AnimeCon's Live Stream www.twitch.tv/animeconnl

AnimeCon's Discord Server discord.gg/yvYH9MK


Saturday 12:00 - 24:00
Sunday 12:00 - 20:00

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