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Art Exhibition for AnimeCon 2019 Rotterdam

Hosted by Animation Nation in Schiedam.

In this special exhibition we want to show you the art that lies at the heart of the complicated work-flow process of any anime, great and not-so-great.

Japanese animation covers a broad scope of artistic styles and a wide variety of approaches and (adult) subjects. In general terms, however, we can detect some similarities. In Japanese animation noses tend to be small and eyes and mouths large. Camera angles are more creative. Backgrounds tend to be minimalistic. The characters are often striking a pose with only small bits moving – a hand or a bit of hair – lowering the so-called 'pencil mileage', the term used for the amount of drawings necessary to create an animated cartoon.

This approach makes anime very interesting from an artistic point of view.
As the characters are shown longer and sometimes repeatedly, more attention has to be given to the quality of the still image. It has to withstand our scrutiny for a much longer amount of time. The directors cannot get away with mistakes or imperfections so easily. The carefully colour-shaded preliminary sketches, the clear clean-up drawings, the beautiful hand painted animation cels (consisting of layers of acetate with water-based paint), and deceivingly simple backgrounds are wonderful pieces of art in-and-of-themselves.

All these images may rush us by when we are watching an anime but seen up close and still, as a frozen moment in time, the art behind the anime can show its true, amazing colours and extraordinary quality. All of a sudden, even a poorly scripted and mass-produced animation shows surprising precision, subtlety, skill, and artistic merit.

These drawings, sketches and cels have not necessarily been selected because the animated cartoons are famous or critically acclaimed, they have been chosen to show the hidden gems of even ordinary, run-of-the-mill animation.


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Hal 3 - North


Friday 12:00 - Sunday 20:00

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