Anime Jokes: Battle Royal

Who does not like comedy? Even better, anime comedy? J-POP Foundation proudly presents a new event. So come see, and join the spectacle.

Throughout the years, we’ve noticed an increasing demand for more entertainment and laughter. Your voices have been heard! During this event, the participants will fight against each other one on one to see who is the funniest. This mini competition will focus on puns and jokes, similar to dad or cheesy jokes but even better: they will be anime jokes! So if you like anime and comedy, then this is the place to be.


The participants?

Hopefully you! We are searching for people who think they’re funny and up for any match. So if you think you are, then sign up by sending an E-mail to! The deadline for application is the 31st of March. Show off your skills and perhaps even win the prize.

The rules?

The participants will be informed about the rules once they sign up. Think about standard comedy rules, with slight changes.

The judges?

This will be announced soon.

The prize?

Still a secret! Not only will the winner get the prize, but also something else. This is something you only can get at our convention. So you can brag about it to your non-funny friends.


Europe Room


Sunday 10:30 - 12:00


'The usual rules apply. Our event room's capacity will be limited to a certain amount of people, so please show up early! Once the room is deemed full by our security staff we will not allow any more people in, unless others decide to leave.


'Whole Weekend' and 'Sunday Only' visitors.

Ticketbooth Open

Order your tickets now!

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