The Dutch Manga Awards 2018

Last year we renewed the format of the Dutch Manga Awards. In general this worked very well: we found that we were able to reach a new audience of artists that we could not reach with the old format. Therefore for the eighth Dutch Manga Awards we will mainly stick to last year's format.

We did notice some things that didn't go as well as we wanted, mainly on our own side. Our apologies to last year's winners who had to wait way too long for their prizes!

Changes in 2018

The 2018 Dutch Manga Awards mainly follows last year's format, but some things have changed.

  • Anyone can participate as long as they are able to attend the award ceremony during the Opening ceremony of the festival on Friday the 15th of June at 17:00.
  • Last year's impromptu meet and greet after the ceremony is now an official part of the contest ceremony.
  • We try to hand out all prizes at the festival during the ceremony or afterwards during the meet and greet. We hope this includes the portfolio discussions of the winners.
  • We will publish both #1 winners in our festival booklet, more winners if we have space.
  • We no longer make a difference between new talent and other artist as we found little to no difference in quality.
  • Instead of new talent prizes we have (small) cash prizes for all winners.
  • The exhibition during the festival will be more clearly marked. 

The contest 

The purpose of the Dutch Manga Awards has always been and will always be to encourage and support the artists and to inform the Dutch public of their work as part of our mission. The new Dutch Manga Awards focuses on new material. That is: material not published earlier in any form, including on the web. Of course you are (very) welcome to publish your work afterwards. In any form you like: the rights remain yours, but it may not be published until the opening of AnimeCon in the year you participate. In other words: we do not expect you to create work just for the contest, but we ask you to allow us to judge your work before you publish it.

There are two contests: the short story award and the character design award. For both we ask you to submit 3 to 6 pages of material. Both first prize winners will be invited to discuss their portfolio with Hanabi Publishers and the winning short comic will be published in AniWay. Up to 5 winners in each contest will be on show during our convention in the center of the building. [For those who know our convention: your work will be on display next to the central stairs in the middle of the building.]

We also want to display the exhibition elsewhere, but at the moment we have no definite commitments.


Anyone can participate! This is another major difference with old style Dutch Manga Awards, it does not matter whether you are a grizzled old artist with an esteemed career or you are new to drawing.

The deadline for submission is the 1st of May. 

You can submit your entry by filling in the submission form and following directions from there. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send them to dma (at) animecon (dot) nl.

Dutch Manga Awards Regulations / Reglement

1) The Dutch Manga Awards are organized by the Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur (the J-POP Foundation) and Hanabi Publishers. 1) De Dutch Manga Awards worden beheerd door de Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur (de Stichting J-POP) en Hanabi Publishers.

2) The Dutch Manga Awards consists of two contests each year:

a) One contest for short comics of 3 to 6 pages of original work: the short story award.
b) A character design contest where each contestant supplies 2 to 3 pages of design drawings and 2 to 3 pages that do not (need to) form a story but show the character in his world: the character design award.

2) De Dutch Manga Awards bestaan elk jaar uit twee wedstrijden:

a) Een wedstrijd voor korte strips van 3 tot 6 pagina’s origineel werk: de short story award.
b) Een ontwerpwedstrijd voor personages waarbij een tekenaar 2 tot 3 pagina’s met ontwerptekeningen en 2 tot 3 pagina’s die geen verhaal (hoeven te) vormen die het personage in zijn setting laten zien: de character design award.
3) Participating artists must be able to attend the award ceremony during the Opening Ceremony on Friday at 17:00. Artists can participate and win in both contests, but each entry will be eligible for only one of the prizes. Artists may also send in multiple entries for one contest, but are eligible for only one prize in each contest in each year. 3) Deelnemers moeten in staat zijn de prijsuitreiking tijdens de Openings ceremonie op Vrijdag om 17:00 bij te wonen. Artiesten mogen deelnemen aan en kunnen winnen bij beide wedstrijden, maar elke inzending kan maar voor één van de prijzen in aanmerking komen. Artiesten mogen ook meerdere keren deelnemen aan een wedstrijd, maar kunnen elk jaar maar één prijs winnen per wedstrijd.
4) Everybody can participate with both of these contests by filling in the contest form and by sending the contribution in in digital form before the 1st of May in the year of participation. It is not allowed to submit published materials: online or other publication of the submission is not allowed until the opening of the AnimeCon of the year of participation. The only other requirement is that winners must be able to attend the reward presentation during the Opening Ceremony of AnimeCon on Friday. 4) Iedereen kan deelnemen aan beide wedstrijden door het invullen van het het wedstrijdformulier en de bestanden digitaal op te sturen voor 1 mei van het jaar van deelneming. Het materiaal mag niet elders gebruikt zijn: online of andere publicatie van het werk is niet toegestaan tot de opening van de AnimeCon van het jaar van deelname. De enige andere kwalificatie is dat winnende deelnemers in staat moeten zijn de prijsuitreiking tijdens de AnimeCon Opening Ceremony op vrijdag bij te wonen.
5) Submissions remain the sole ownership of the participant, but the J-POP Foundation, Hanabi Publishers, Stichting AniWay and sponsors are allowed to use the materials of the winners for the promotion of the Dutch Manga Awards, including by exhibiting the winners work, as long as the correct copyright is mentioned.
5) Inzendingen blijven het volledig eigendom van de deelnemer, maar de Stichting J-POP, Hanabi Publishers, Stichting Aniway en sponsoren mogen de materialen van de winnaars te alle tijden onder vermelding van copyright gebruiken ter promotie van de Dutch Manga Awards, waaronder middels het tentoonstellen van de winnaars.
6) Hanabi Publishers organizes the judging of the submitted works. 6) Hanabi Publishers regelt de jurering van de ingezonden werken.
7) The jury determines up to 5 winners for both contests. If the jury decides that there is not enough quality material there may be fewer winners.
7) Voor beide wedstrijden bepaalt de jury tot 5 winnaars. Indien de jury besluit dat er niet genoeg materiaal van kwaliteit is kunnen er minder winnaars bekend gemaakt worden.
8) The material submitted by the ten winners will be turned into an exhibition that can be visited during the whole AnimeCon weekend by anyone with a valid ticket, free of any further charge.
8) Van het materiaal van de tien winnende inzendingen wordt een tentoonstelling gemaakt die in elk geval gedurende het hele weekend van AnimeCon door iedereen met een toegangskaartje gratis bekeken kunnen worden.
9) The winners of the first prize for both contests will be published in the free convention booklet of the year of participation. Other winners may be published depending on available space in the booklet. The J-POP Foundation will make ample extra booklets available for the published winners. 9) Beide winnaars van de eerste prijs zullen gepubliceerd worden in het gratis conventie boekje van het jaar van deelname. Andere winnaars kunnen gepubliceerd worden, afhankelijk van de beschikbare ruimte. De Stichting J-POP zal extra exemplaren beschikbaar maken voor de gepubliceerde winnaars.
10) Prizes:
a) All winners get 2 free and freely assignable Friday tickets for AnimeCon to see the exhibition and to attend the awards ceremony during the opening ceremony.
b) All winners are invited to attend a meet and greet with the jury and J-POP staff after the awards ceremony.
c) The winners of the first prize in both contests both receive a 200,- euro cash prize and a trophy from the J-POP Foundation. Both winners will be invited by Hanabi Publishers to discuss their portfolio, at the convention. The winner of the short story award will be published in AniWay.
d) The second prize winners receive a 100,- euro cash prize from the J-POP Foundation.
e) The third prize winners receive a 50,- euro cash prize from the J-POP Foundation.
f) The other prize winners receive a 25,- euro cash prize from the J-POP Foundation.
10) Prijzen:
a) Alle winnaars krijgen 2 gratis, vrij toe te kennen, vrijdag kaartjes voor AnimeCon om de tentoonstelling te komen bekijken en de prijsuitreiking bij te wonen tijdens de openingsceremonie.
b) Alle winnaars worden uitgenodigd voor een borrel met de jury en de J-POP staf, direct na de prijsuitreiking.
c) De winnaars van de eerste prijs in beide wedstrijden ontvanger ieder een prijs van 200,- euro en een trofee van de Stichting J-POP. Beide winnaars uitgenodigd door Hanabi Publishers voor een gesprek over hun portfolio, tijdens het festival. De winnaar van de short story award wordt geplaatst in de AniWay.
d) De winnaars van de tweede prijs ontvangen ieder 100,- euro van de Stichting J-POP.
e) De winnaars van de derde prijs ontvangen ieder 50,- euro van de Stichting J-POP.
f) De winnaars van de overige prijzen ontvangen ieder 25,- euro van de Stichting J-POP.


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


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Friday 17:00 - 17:30

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