International Cosplay League 2018 preliminary

The nice people at Japan Weekend Madrid, asked us to pick up their ICL event.
Due to nice feedback from the cosplayers that attended the 2017 selections, we decided to do so.

From now on, cosplayers can join the AnimeCon cosplay competitions and compete for a place at the ICL finals in Madrid, Spain.
The finals will be held in September this year at Japan Weekend in Madrid, Spain.



Sign ups for our cosplay competitions are closed.

When signing up for this competition, you will in any case need to provide us with:
- A small storyboard about your act in 5-10 lines of text
- Ticket number

Without these, your entry will not be valid. 

Not required for watching.


Aside from the usual rules, the following applies: 
Visitors of this specific event are allowed to take pictures of the event. All entrants need to agree to this if they want to compete in this event. A special entry for this purpose has been added to the Cosplay Competition registration form. However, it is NOT allowed, to use FLASH photography! Remember other people's personal (as well as third parties) rights will always apply, but what you do with YOUR pictures/recordings is YOUR OWN responsibility!



  • For cosplay weapons guidelines read the house rules/huisregelsDutch weaponslaw willalwaysapply!
  • The Dutch team will be represented by a team of two (this team must be in costumes from the same series) and a solo contestant.
  • You or your team must wear self-made costumes.
  • You or your team may use small props that were store bought.
  • The team must perform an act on stage that may not exceed 180 seconds; the solo act may not exceed 90 seconds*.
  • Once entered, you will get a script form to fill in the details of your act. This will have to be handed in on Saturday 19th of May, 23:59h at the latest.
  • With your script, you will also have to provide:
    - Work in Progress pictures,
    - Reference pictures,
    - Any audio/video you want to use during the skit.
  • 3D-printing: Somewhere on the final product needs to be an embossment of your makers mark (your initials) as part of the design. Make screenshots during the designing to add to your WiPs.
  • Teams may not use: Any items that can spill on the stage, like bubbles, glitter, confetti etc.
  • Teams may not use: Live fire, dry ice, live steel weapons or other things that could be a danger to yourself or others.
  • Stage ninjas are NOT allowed. 
  • You must attend the Anime festival at least on Friday if you want to compete for ICLDuo.
  • You must attend the Anime festival at least on Sunday if you want to compete for ICL Solo.
  • You must be 18 years or older on September 2018 if you want to compete for the ICL. 
  • You must be able to come to Spain in the in September for the International Cosplay League.
  • Flights to Spain will be paid for by Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur and Japan Weekend, the rest of your costs (extra food and drink, trips, extra luggage, trip to the airport, etc.) will NOT be covered.
  • Your Cosplay must be from a Comic, Manga, Book, Cartoon, Anime, Movie, TV-movie, Musical, Videogame. It may not be a fictional character you or your friends created.
  • You must be a Dutch national or hold a permanent residency card for The Netherlands.

*Please note that at the ICL Finals in Spain, the solo is a walk on/walk off that has to be 30 seconds.



If you have questions regarding the Cosplay Competition, kindly direct them to us, using the appropriate forum (Before you submit a question, please browse the forum to see if your question has already been answered) or send us an e-mail using our contact form (choose 'Cosplay Event' from the subject dropdown menu).



'Whole Weekend' or 'Friday Only'(Duo) or 'Sunday Only' (Solo) visitors.


Archonia Room.


Friday June 15th (Duo): 19:00 - 21:00
Sunday June 17th (Solo): 14:00 - 15:30

For legal and safety reasons we are not allowed to exceed the Archonia room's maximum capacity. For the people that will miss out we will try to show a recording.


Ticketbooth Open

Order your tickets now!

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