Roaring Twenties Cosplay Competition

Get ready for the Roaring Twenties Cosplay Competition!

Are you as excited about the Twenties as we are? Do you cosplay and would you love to combine the two? Then challenge yourself and join our Roaring Twenties Cosplay Show!

Show off your gangster or flapper girl cosplay and win a small prize!

You can sign up here.

It's also possible to decide to join the show last-minute on the Sunday of AnimeCon Classic, but if you want to be guaranteed of a spot then please sign up in advance.

Look at shows and films like The Great Gatsby, Fantastic Beasts & etc, Baccano, Peaky Blinders, Chrono Crusade, Death Parade, etc. The more in theme the better! 


- 20s style cosplays e.g. the Great Gatsby, Roxy, Chrono Crusade... 
- 20s inspired cosplays are also allowed.
- The cosplay has to be around 50% self made. So it's okay if you bought the dress and made the hat or made the dress and bought the hat. As long as you're having fun.
- You're allowed stage time of 1:30 minutes. 
- If you sign up then please be there in the Ravel Room at 11:50 AM.
- Sending in audio is optional. We will play jazz in the background if you don't.

And have fun!

Ticketbooth Open

Booth open: 31-Jan-20

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