Convincing Cosplay Act; A Feedback Round

Hey there performer! Do you want to improve your own act and get some hands-on feedback? Join us and bring a little piece of your performance (or just come and watch!)

During this workshop we will really get to work on our performance and act! You get to show a small piece (if you want to keep us aching for more) or a full performance. The workshop hosts will analyze the performance together and give you feedback on it together with the other participants. All of us together will help you enhance the performance with a couple of tweaks to get closer to that first place during the competitions!

The hosts will try to give some feedback on audio and video, which should prove helpful when you are constructing your next performance. If you want some feedback on your act, please bring your stuff for your act with you! Or make a video from your act, so we can feedback the video. (if there are very big props involved, you should definitely pre-film your act, as they are not allowed inside the lecture room). Bringing an act is not required for this workshop, but is recommended to get the full experience. If you don’t have an act but like to see other participants’ feedback to apply it to your own, feel welcome to join us!


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Dock 5 / Events room 5


Saturday 11:30 - 12:30

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