Photographer vs Model


Come and join our lecture and learn how to make every photo shoot successful.

Do you want to have great photos of your cosplay or do you want to take amazing pictures of cosplayers? At a convention you don’t always have the time to do an extensive photo shoot. You have to be able to set up a shoot quick and easily. You don’t want to look back on a shoot only to conclude that you missed some essential things.

How can you make sure you that you end up with amazing photos at the end of a shoot?

During our lecture we offer you loads of tips and tricks that will help you to make every photo shoot successful. Can it really be that easy? Yes. With our tips you can’t go wrong. You can use them either as a model or as a photographer. Join our lecture and make every photo shoot into a success. If you’re interested in other workshops, please check out our website


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The usual rules apply.


Dock 6 / Events room 6


Friday 15:30 - 16:30

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