AnimeCon 20th Anniversary tasting

And now for our 20th anniversary special tasting

The 14th Japanese whisky tasting at AnimeCon!
The 8th year of doing whisky tastings, the 14th over all tasting (some years we did two of them) and it's one from Niels' favourite distillery.

3rd Whisky producing country in the world!

Japan is the 3rd whisky producing country of the world, after Scotland and the USA Besides some rather shall we say, undrinkable whisky, Japan produces Whisky of high quality and some of those with a different flavour profile than than Scotch which is usually drunk in Europe.
Most of it is due to difference in climate and use of other type of oak or wine barrels.

This year's focus for our Anniversary tasting

This year, we are focusing on the Mars distilleries in Nagano and Kagoshima, a, part of the Hombo group.
We will start off with three blends, two  containing whisky from Shinshu (Nagano) and Tsunuki before closure (Kagoshima) and one with malt only from Shinshu.
We will follow this up with a rather old release of 8 year old pure malt from Tsunuki and Shinshu, both from before they were closed and re-opened.
Then will be tasting the three main styles of the Shinshu distillery with two of the 3 Nature of Shinshu releases at Batch strength and one aged in the much warmer Tsunuki cellars.
We will finish with an American white oak hogshead single cask release from E-Power Japan
So, what we will be doing, is letting you try both distilleries and finishing with three year old American White oak single cask, that should approach the old style Mars products we had in our earliest tastings, 5-6 years ago.
Even though some of these bottles cost a nice car, we've managed to keep the price down a bit.


This tasting will contain the following whiskies in this order:

  1. Iwai Tradition (Blend with Kagoshima and Nagano malt)
  2. 3&7 (Blend with Kagoshima and Nagano malt) 
  3. Twin Alps (bland with Nagano malt)
  4. Mars Maltage 8yo (Kagoshima and Nagano malt)
  5. Mars Komagatake Shinanotanpopo (Shinshu malt)
  6. Mars Komagatake Kohiganzakura (Shinshu malt)
  7. Mars Komagatake Tsunuki Aging (Shinshu malt)
  8. E-Power Komagatake American White Oak (Shinshu malt)



For this tasting we can accommodate 69 people.


Tickets will be for sale at the Information desk on the day of the event. The tickets price will be €35


  • You are not allowed to drive after partaking in the tasting.
  • Whole Weekend and Sunday visitors ONLY, limited to 69 tickets.
  • You have to be 18 years of age or older.
  • You will need to bring your ID and show it to the security people at the door before you are allowed entrance.
  • Taking part in this tasting costs € 35 to be paid in advance at the Information desk. Max 2 tickets per sale!
  • This event is limited to 69 people. If the limit is reached, you can not attend.





Sunday afternoon


Ticketbooth Open

Order your tickets now!

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