Neko Neko Ni


Neko Neko Ni Maid café is back at AnimeCon! Read their message below.

We are very pleased to attend this year's AnimeCon in Ahoy Rotterdam!
We have a great surprise for you, so please visit our cafe and food stall during AnimeCon. This is our greatest project ever!

As usually we offer our great service, meals and desserts at our cafe during the convention. We are also adding new items to our menu that you have never experienced before!
Don't worry if you don't have time or if it's too crowded, we also have our food stall where you can experience our food on the go! 

We offer full sized meals, like: Japanese curry, pokebowls and freshly made sushi so that your tummy won't be empty during your activities at AnimeCon.
During lunch or after a great meal you might want to vist our cafe where we sell yummy desserts to complete the experience!

Our food is carefully prepared following the strict HACCP-Code, which our manager and kitchen staff * have the qualifications for, since they are working as * professional chefs in their respected fields. In addition, we also provide information on food allergies, so that you can enjoy your meal without any complications.
We also offer vegetarian options (for example our pokebowl) for those who are interested.

In short, we have great things to offer you, so please visit our cafe! We will be there the whole weekend!

See you there!

Neko Neko Ni ~

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