Catering overview

You cannot persevere at a non-stop festival without resupplying your energy levels. AnimeCon offers a wide variety of Asian and Western catering at several locations with ample seating at each.

Main food court - ground floor

You walk through the main food court as you enter the festival. The main food court is a good place for lunch and dinner.

  • Food of Japan: Karage, Ramune, Japanese snacks
  • Kotobuki: Onigiri, (vegan) Okonomiyaki, (Japanese) softdrinks.
  • Minamo Foods: Noodles, Melon pan, Japanese snacks and softdrinks.
  • S’j Crepe: Crepes with different toppings.
  • Seikatsu: Ramen noodles, different types of Japanese snacks and drinks.
  • Spherebay: Bubble Tea.

World café / Pangea - ground floor

The area around the central stairwell contains the bar and the Pangea restaurant. Great for relaxing and looking at people.

  • 8tea5 The Hague: Bubble Tea.
  • InfiniTea Teabar: Matcha (latte), coffee, different kinds of tea, Korean chicken, Sweet snacks.
  • ​Pangea restaurant​: Western food and snacks.
  • Roppongi: Japanese snacks: Onigiri, yakitori, etc.
  • Royal Roulette Butler Café: Tea and snacks from InfiniTea.
  • Sakelicious: Bar, soft drinks and different kinds of (Japanese) beer and sake.
  • Sparkling Potpourri Maid Café: Tea and snacks from InfiniTea.

First Floor Food Court - Archonia Event Plaza

On the first floor we have an outside terrace and a lot of different style food stalls. It is a more snack oriented area.

  • Honkies: Vegan ramen noodles, wraps, Japanese vegan hotdogs with different toppings. Japanese iced tea, beer.
  • Osaka Cooking: Okonomiyaki and bubble tea.
  • Neko Neko Ni Maid Café: Maid café with snacks and drinks, take-away bento boxes with curry/sushi in the evening.
  • Sakelicious: Bar, soft drinks and different kinds of (Japanese) beer and sake.
  • Specialities Handmade:Taiyaki with different fillings (red bean paste, cheese, chocolate, custard).
  • Spherebay: Bubble Tea.
  • Takoyaki Japanese Streetfood: Japanese ‘poffertjes’: Takoyaki made in a Dutch poffertjes pan.
  • Troy’s Shots and More: Shaved ice with different flavours and non-alcoholic shots/cocktails.

Japanese Maid / Ninja Café Sakura Suigetsu - First Floor Volga

To celebrate our 20th anniversary the Maid Café Sakura Suigetse from Tokyo Akihabara flies over with three maids. As they can serve only a small group you will have to register for a seat in advance. They have a quiet room of their own on the first floor: the Volgo room near the dressing rooms and the Cosplay Repair Point. On Friday and Sunday they will open as a Ninja Café, on Saturday as a maid Café.

No more Moolah's

That is right! You can now pay using pin or cash at all the caterers. Still have Moolah's at home? Take them with you, you can still use them for catering or have them refunded for 2 Euro's per Moolah.

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