Indie Saturday 2019

On the Saturday of the convention there will be a big group of independent developers in the Game Room showcasing their projects!
Drop by to talk to the developers, ask them questions, give them feedback and of course to play their games!
The following developers have been announced, check on location for even more Indies!

Degoma - Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world.


Meet Reggie, cheerful, clumsy, round, bright red and from the sixteen-thousandth century! When science starts disappearing in the sixteen-thousandth century Reggie takes it upon itself to travel back in time to bring science back into the world. Equipped with time travel capabilities and gravitational powers Reggie must overcome numerous adventures, challenges and bosses to get the timeline back in order, but will Reggie succeed?

Get gravitational in Reggie’s first adventure: Reggie, two scientists and most likely the end of the world!

Find out more at:

Ben Aprigliano - Small Town Thirst


You a criminal on the run with a briefcase full of stolen cash, you get stranded in a church located in a deserted town, underneath you must face a large colony of ancient vampires.
Search underneath the town for the keys to the only working vehicle in town with the help of a few other survivors who hide from the vampires in the church.

Small Town Thirst is a dungeon crawling turn-based vampire adventure game.


Greetings Games - Arrowhead, Little Lumen and more!


To shoot or not to shoot is not such a simple question when your own bullets can hurt you. Greetings Games Collection consists of the best games I created and focuses entirely around simple yet conflicting gameplay choices made with a single mouse click

Resistance Studio - Pushy and Pully in


Pushy and Pully are trapped in a maze full of blocks and monsters, and the only way for them to escape is to move from room to room while clearing them of monsters and blocks.

This is a cooperative arcade game with a retro feeling. Players will journey through lots of levels with our two hero girls: Pushy and Pully, trying to crush their enemies to clear each stage by pushing blocks and getting power ups by joining blocks together.

Find out more at:


Attic Box Studio - Seek


In the age of Enlightenment, Damien, husband and father, is returning to his home village of Blackmill after receiving a letter from his wife. Upon arrival he discovers that everything seems abandoned. Fearing for his family he enters the village and searches for clues of the events that have occurred there. On the outskirts of Blackmill he finds a vast underground dungeon under a mansion. As he enters the dungeon, Damien discovers the horrifying truth...

Seek is an indie survival horror game played from a first-person perspective. A game in the style of Amnesia, Outlast and Cry of Fear, where exploring and avoiding monsters is key. The game is developed in Unreal engine 3 by an independent game development company located in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Seek is currently in alpha and changes may occur to the final product. 

Find out more at:

Frog Vibes - Here Comes Niko 


Do you want to play a game, but is fighting a dragon or drowning in that tough water level a little too much? Niko knows what you need!

When playing Here Comes Niko you can jump and run around a cozy island, without a care in the world. Helping locals, solving mysteries, all at your own pace. Platformers are very fun, but often carry a lot of tension. Here Comes Niko avoids that, but is just as fun. Sometimes everyday life is tense enough.
Here Comes Niko is the 3D platformer for the tired person.


Arcane Circus - Kaijack: Card Attack!


Kaijack: Card Attack is a kaiju-themed digital card game for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Outsmart your opponents in card battles and experience satisfying destruction in a 90’s Saturday-morning cartoon world.

Choose one of three kaiju teams and conquer districts of a city by eliminating your opponents from the map. While most kaiju would use ol’ fashioned violence to solve their disputes, these kaiju have a problem: they’re indestructible! So when they fight, nobody wins. In order to determine the winner of their turf wars, they play a card game (Kaijack), the prize being a new area claimed for their team. As these matches are going on, the local news is reporting on the carnage and the army generalis hatching a plan to spoil the kaiju’s fun and games.


Punchbutton Studios - Counterspell

Counterspell is a fast-paced 4-player local multiplayer arena bloodsport game in which contestants fire and counter projectiles at each other. Choose any of 8 distinct inter-dimensional combatants and scramble for victory on varied stages with unique hazards.


Coolcast  - Spirinse


Spirinse is een met actie gevulde dungeon crawler. Bestuur een karakter met spirituele krachten en duik dungeons in binnen de hoofden van personages in het spel. In een expressieve omgeving confronteer jij samen met het personage zijn terughoudende gedachtes als combat en puzzel uitdagingen. Help jij personages om tot de kern van deze negatieve gedachtes te komen?


Senile Team - Intrepid Izzy 


Intrepid Izzy is an action adventure game whose gameplay and graphics are like a wonderful marriage between classic and modern gaming. Successfully funded on KickStarter, the game is now in development and slated for a 2019 release on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Dreamcast. Be amongst the first to play the new demo at AnimeCon, and be amazed by the colourful graphics, smooth animations and responsive controls!

Find out more at:

Cerberus - Blackshore

Cerberus is BlackShore’s crowdsourcing platform in which we bend ‘brain power’ abundantly present in the gaming industry to good causes. Cerberus is using game elements inspired by the existing gaming industry to motivate her crowd of 1000s so they help us to convert satellite imagery into maps. The advantage of using human mappers above machine learning systems is that they can map not only based on directly visual recognition of elements, but also based on context creating the surrounding region into account. In addition, since Cerberus connects the global public directly to world problems without asking them to leave their living room  works as a vessel of communication showing that it truly matters to help out. 

You can try it yourself by navigating to

Fireroot Studios - Rogue Reaper


Rogue Reaper is an action-adventure game, taking place at the end of the Dark Ages during the rise of the plague. Trying to relieve her father from his work of managing the massive influx of souls, the daughter of the Grim Reaper sets out on an adventure to find and destroy the cause of the plague.

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