Indie Saturday 2018

On the Saturday of the convention there will be a big group of independent developers in the Gameroom showcasing their projects!
Drop by to talk to the developers, ask them questions, give them feedback and of course to play their games!
The following developers have been announced, check on location for even more Indies!

Degoma - Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world.


“Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world” is a fun 2,5D platformer.

Its graphic style is fresh and cartoony, resembling cartoon shows like ‘Adventure Time’. Despite being a small studio, we want to give Reggie a very profesional polish: Every new level brings with it new gimmicks and enemy types, so the game is far from repetitive and constantly fun. Another of Reggie’s strengths lies on its rich storyline. After completing each level, players can watch a small cutscene of the humorous plot, in which Reggie travels through space and time to save the Universe from a strange blackhole suddenly appeared on 12th century.

Last thing to mention is Reggie’s two players mode. In degoma we tried to come up with a system where both players can enjoy the game simultaneously, avoiding the most experimented one to frustrate the experience of the newbie.

Coolcast - Trainsmission

Made for Global Game Jam 2018, An explosive train simulator in which you manage a train loaded with explosive people, will you keep them on board, or will blast them off to oblivion. Click switches to change tracks..


Epichousestudios - Phased


Phased is a colorful platformer about distorted spacetime and multi-dimensional beings. You use phasing superpowers to save your island from an all-powerful villain. While you traverse dynamic and nonlinear environments, shadows crawl out of other dimensions to stop you. In this game you will find new superpowers, fight the shadows, solve puzzles, build sandcastles and save (or destroy) spacetime.


3xBlast & Bryan Tabor - Bird Game


Bird Game is a short, zen-like fly 'em up where you navigate a bird through a black-and-white line drawing landscape.


Senile Team - Intrepid Izzy


Intrepid Izzy is a game that combines different genres and styles. It's a platformer, but it's also a beat 'em up. Its hand-drawn HD graphics are razor sharp and animated ever so smoothly, whilst still managing to feel comfortably retro. Intrepid Izzy is still in development, but now you can get an early taste of the game that surprised gaming experts.

Attic Box Studio - Seek


In the age of Enlightenment, Damien, husband and father, is returning to his homevillage of blackmill after receiving a letter from his wife. Upon arrival he discovers that everything seems abandoned. Fearing for his family he enters the village and searches for clues of the events that have occurred there. On the outskirts of Blackmill he finds a vast underground dungeon under a mansion. As he enters the dungeon, Damien discovers the horrifing truth...  

Seek is an indie survival horror game played from a first-person perspective. A game in the style of Amnesia, Outlast and Cry of Fear, where exploring and avoiding monsters is key. The game is developed in Unreal engine 3 by an independent game development company located in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

Seek is currently in alpha and changes may occur to the final product.

Find out more at:


Arcane Circus - Kaijack: Card Attack!

Kaijack: Card Attack! is a Kaiju-themed digital card game for mobile.

Players choose one of three Kaiju teams (Team Cool, Team Weird or Team Cute) and compete online against the other teams for dominance over the city.

Kaijack is a game similar to Blackjack… But monster’s play by their own rules.

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