AMV 101: Beginners' Course

AMV Netherlands is back for another year of great AMVs! Join the AMV 101 and AMV 102 in a whole new package with two international award-winning special guest editors.

Tears, laughter and fear have one thing in common: they are all things you can experience by watching an AMV. AMV Netherlands will be showcasing how to create these AMVs. The group consists of former international award winners, AnimeTwins (Daisy Philipsen), Kagacie (Nayton Telg), MarikoAMV (Lydia Hofman) and Sonicfreak (Mark Slingerland). These four editors will inform you about the ins and outs of AMV editing. What's the best way to start, how do you improve and what actually makes a good AMV?

The 101 course will take place on Friday. This course will mainly focus on the beginning aspects of editing and what it’s really like to be an editor. The question “ I have my software, what now?” will be answered through various videos, showing you exactly what to focus on in the software for your first video.

As usual, they will be closing off with a quiz which includes the chance to win prizes!

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Dock 4 / Events room 4


Friday 18:00 - 19:00

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