Fan Studies: A Crash Course

When academics study fans of popular culture, what do they learn? Find out in this lecture!

Fans and their creative expressions – like fan fiction, streaming or cosplay – have moved to the center of attention for many scholars who research popular and media culture. At the same time, fans themselves are more vocal now than ever before. How can they write their own story of fandom and fannish debates?

In a very brief history of fan studies, you’ll learn how the perceptions of fan audiences have changed over the past thirty years and what the smart folks in sociology, psychology or media studies seem to have found out about fans. We’ll look at how their research methods work and what it takes to conduct a good interview or pop out a questionnaire.

Finally, we’ll look at ways for every fan to research and publish about their own fandom. Karen will provide action-based tips how you can join the debate about anime, fandom and cosplay culture.

About the hosts

Karen started writing about manga, video games, cosplay and media fandom fifteen years ago. She has a degree in Cultural Studies and her doctoral thesis about "Cosplay and Fan Costuming" was published in 2013. She has since left academia but continues to write and speak about cosplay and fan culture to anyone who will listen. She is an avid cosplayer and teaches costuming and wig styling on her blog, and on her Facebook.

Facebook: @ Kukkii-san
Twitter: @ scarletstarla
Website & Blog:

Dr. Nicolle Lamerichs is senior lecturer and team lead at Creative Business at HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht. She holds PhD in media studies at Maastricht University (2014). Her book Productive Fandom explores intermediality and reception in fan cultures. Her research focuses on participatory culture and new media, specifically the nexus between popular culture, storytelling and play.

Twitter: @setsuna_c
Instagram: setsunacutey
Website & Blog:


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