Japan in the 20s: Land of the Fading Sun

This lecture will take a look at the decline of the political and economic power of Japan, along with the way people reacted to the various issues that plagued the country from the 1920s to the early 30s. With this, we can figure out how Japan changed in that period to a nationalistic society.

The general question will be: What factors contributed to the decline of WW1 Japan and the beginning of nationalistic WW2 Japan, and how did the people allow it to happen?

Coming in to the 1920s, Japan was doing really well for itself. As a founding member of the league of nations, it was respected in the international community and due to Japan's strong political presence in Asia, it enjoyed economic prosperity as well. This was all about to change after Emperor Taisho fell ill, followed by the assassination of the prime minister Hara Takashi. Japan was about to descend into a spiral of events and decisions that would lead to a new order. A nationalistic, militaristic order. Japan would follow a path comparable to what happened with Germany and their path to nationalism.

This lecture will be full of history and comparisons to give you an understanding of the lives and thoughts of the people of Japan in the 1920s. HBO level history teacher Joery de Boer will be there to guide you through the tales of 20s Japan and to make some semblance of sense of those tumultuous times.


Not required.


The usual rules apply.




Friday 16:30 - 17:30

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