Joining J-Pop Dance Culture

Joining J-Pop Dance Culture
Odottemita (踊ってみた) is a part of japanese popculture which literally means ‘Tried to dance’. The dancers in this culture which are called Odorite (踊り手) dance to popular Japense songs of which the most common seen ones are from vocaloid or anime. Many solo dancers, but also groups film themselves covering dances (or even choreograph a complete dance themselves), posting them all over the internet. Do you remember dancing to that silly song caramelldansen? This is one of the very first dances which blew up internationally due to odottemita. The scene has been evolving since and there is much more to explore.

If you have passion for dancing and Japanese music, but don’t know how to start and immerse yourself into the Jpop dance culture, then we’re here for you! This lecture will teach you the ins and outs of the subculture of Odottemita. After a little introduction about the background of the culture we’ll share our experiences on how to learn dances, how to make your own choreographies and how to coordinate your own dance group.

During the lecture there will be a lot to listen to, but also some things for you to try out of the process of learning a dance. At the end there will be a small
quiz with a little (but awesome) surprise!

The lecture will be brought to you by Unmei Idols, a dance cover group from the Netherlands with a passion for idol dancing, as well as other anime and J-Pop choreographies. Through this lecture we want to share their passion of dancing with you and hope to bring the J-Pop dance scene to the Netherlands.

Already excited to see more from them? Here’s their social media:



Dock 3


Friday 20:30 - 21:30


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