Next Level Artist Alley Q & A

Being an artist-alley artist isn’t always easy. Join us for an open exchange of tips & tricks with veteran artists!

Self-publishing has never been more accessible than it is now. With the rise of digital printing techniques it has become possible for everyone to design and produce high quality artwork to sell, even in small amounts. The possibilities are endless but the process can still be pretty daunting, so we from KAAS hope to make things a little clearer.
Last year we began the discussion on printing your own work and setting up shop. This year we’ll hope to go a little deeper by focusing more on your questions and tackling more advanced issues. What are the problems you’ve run into as an artist in the dealer-hall? What works well, and what doesn’t? Our experienced artists will do their best to answer your questions, but we hope to open up a conversation with all of you.

This panel is primarily for artists already selling their work and looking to garner more tips on how to expand their business. If you’re just starting out we suggest you check out the “Starting in the Artist Alley Q & A”. For a more hands-on first foray into comic-book making, check out the workshop “Let’s make a Zine!”.

For this panel we are joined by the ever humble comic-buff Kenny Rubenis (Dating for Geeks), small-press hero and glam-queen Abe Borst (Smikkelen & Smullen), Hanabi mastermind and doujinshi veteran Roderick Leeuwenhart (Pindakaas en Sushi), indestructible comic magazine super hero Boy Akkerman (Hollandsch Manga) and fellow KAAS enthusiast Karin Blaauwijkel (Shenanigans “tough Noogies”)
Sabrina Kooijmans (De Laatste Halte) will lead the panel on behalf of KAAS, an artist duo that aims to bring back comics to the artist alley. We understand the challenges involved with making comics and will try our best to help you conquer them! So come join us for this Q & A panel and share your questions and your views. We can learn from each other.

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Dock 4 / Events room 4


Saturday 21:00 - 22:00

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