Starting in the Artist Alley Q & A

Come by and ask four experienced artists about their experiences and how to set up shop!

Fandoms have never been this involved. With the rise of social media we’ve all begun creating, inspired by our favorite heroes. Fanfiction, cosplay, fan art, and from that, your own original work. Whatever the reason, creativity flourishes and with accessible printing techniques the fruits of those labors can easily make its way into the physical world. Of course making that step can be difficult, so we, from KAAS, want to help you find your way! During this panel we’ll sit down with four artist alley veterans who can talk you through the joys and challenges of getting your work out there.

This panel will focus primarily on starting out as a self-published artist. Check out the “Next Level Artist Alley Q & A” panel for a more advanced conversation on this subject and the workshop “Let’s make a Zine!” for a more hands-on experience.

For this panel we're joined by the ever humble comic-buff Kenny Rubenis (Dating for Geeks), small-press hero and glam-queen Abe Borst (Smikkelen & Smullen) and Open-minded superstars Marissa Delbressine (Ward) and Marianne Elsendoorn (a book full of chucklefucks) with insights on doujinshi circles and button emporiums.
Sabrina Kooijmans (De Laatste Halte) will lead the panel on behalf of KAAS, an artist duo that aims to bring back comics to the artist ally. We understand the challenges involved with making comics and will try our best to help you conquer them! So join us for this Q & A panel and share your questions and your views. We can learn from each other.

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Dock 4 / Events room 4


Saturday 18:00 - 19:00

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