Deshima Sounds: Knights of Fire

For every kingdom, there are different knights to serve and protect it's rulers and it's people. The Kingdom of Animecon has several order of knights, but there is one regiment which hold a loud and fiery passion with them; "Deshima Sounds: Knights of Fire".
Deshima Sounds is back for Anime2018! Frontmen Neodash Zerox and MK* will provide you the fire within the EDM beats from the far east to the west that you're used to. The shows isn't complete with the visuals by Äda. But this year, Live House artists Numb'n'Dub and Savage States are joining the roster to make it a insane party, making it a true "Clubbing Japanese Style", that will burn the roof off. To make it even more better, Neodash's record label WARP2ONE has a joint collaberation with Numb'n'Dub x Savage States by doing a special CD release party! Make sure you don't miss the fun, where West meets East in a explosive EDM fest!

Deshima Sounds:
Neodash Zerox & MK* in action.

Deshima Sounds is the brain child of long time friends Neodash Zerox and MK☆. They started to play together back in 2006 at the Dutch event called AnimeCon. This became a big success and eventually the two collaborated to start Deshima Sounds in 2008, with the first party held in October of that year. Ever since Deshima Sounds is a well known name in the Dutch scene, with friends all over Europe. Even in Japan a lot of connections have been made and the Deshima Sounds project is supported by big names in the Japanese dance scene. During this evening, you can expect many different styles within the international, but namely the asian EDM scene.

Also check out their official websites:
- Deshima Sounds official website
- Deshima Sounds official facebook

Deshima Sounds Crew

Numb'n'Dub x Savage States: 

Numb'n'Dub x Savage States, three upcoming and well known artists within the J-Core scene from Osaka will be providing their strengths. With experiences with various Japanese EDM scenes such as Breakcore, J-Core, House, Bass Music and more, they will provide, fill and support Deshima Sounds with a special live show. This will be their first gig in the Netherlands, so they will be on fire!


Amazon / Aniway Room


Saturday 22:00


'The usual rules apply. Our event room's capacity will be limited to a certain amount of people, so please show up early! Once the room is deemed full by our security staff we will not allow any more people in, unless others decide to leave.


'Whole Weekend' and 'Saturday Only (till midnight)' visitors.

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