Live House: Dress Up Town


Ever wondered what your favorite anime opening would sound like live? Have you ever wondered what butlers are prepared to do for their masters? Would you like to see a music show revolving around anime? Do you like free cookies? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, our professional judgment tells us you need to see Dress Up Town LIVE at Animecon 2018 for maximum overdrive enjoyment of your convention!

In a mansion where roses grow abundantly, cute dresses are considered a necessity of life and butlers follow every order without questions, nothing is too crazy. Myu Strawberry, a rich teenage girl with a grand dream, shows everyone that she will stop at nothing to achieve this. Her dream: be Europe’s first real idol! Dress Up Town is the idol rock band that will help her realize this dream.
Myu Strawberry is the singing and dancing mastermind behind the sugary, yet incredibly loud band Dress Up Town. She and her butlers make the stage tremble, Myu in the lead and the butlers follow after. Myu and her men know how to deliver quality, as well as put on a show wherever they roam. A
preference for Japanese culture and music not only makes them unique but trendy as well. Armed with catchy pop rock songs influenced by Japanese artists such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Vocaloid and even Babymetal, this band knows how to put on a show like no other.
At a very young age, Myu’s growing fascination with Japanese culture and music brought her into contact with Japanese idol music and culture. This stirred up a desire that would continue to grow into the dream of becoming an idol herself. After years of imagining, trying on dresses and writing songs she decided to make her dream reality. She ordered her butlers to pick up an instrument and founded her new idol rock band, Dress Up Town.


Apart from Myu, Dress Up Town consists of four butlers on drums, bass, guitar and keys. All four are dedicated and loyal to the thriving of the band, as Myu has commanded. These musicians are butlers at heart, making discipline their second nature. This can be heard in the quality of the music. These
four men stow all their power, effort and passion in executing their job and being a musician has now been added to that.


Amazon / Aniway Room


Sunday 14:30


'The usual rules apply. Our event room's capacity will be limited to a certain amount of people, so please show up early! Once the room is deemed full by our security staff we will not allow any more people in, unless others decide to leave.


'Whole Weekend' and 'Sunday Only' visitors.

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