Roaring Twenties Dance

This event will take you back to those wild, carefree times that celebrated the end of the war with newfound frivolity. Every visitor is invited to stop by and move their feet.

Ah yes, the Roaring Twenties... The time of flappers, gangsters, speakeasies and, of course, MUSIC. The 1920s became known as the Jazz Age; music was redefined and with the increase of clubs, dancing was all the rage. We're talking the Shimmy, the Buzzard Lope, the Chicken Scratch, the Monkey Glide and the Bunny Hug. And let's not forget the Charleston, the Lindy Hop and the Foxtrot!

With that in mind, AnimeCon Classic is proud to present the Roaring Twenties Dance! Taking place on Friday evening in our Ravel room, this event will take you back to those wild, carefree times that celebrated the end of the war with newfound frivolity. Every visitor is invited to stop by and move their feet. Please keep in mind that there will be a mild dress code in place to preserve the ambience we're hoping to set. (More details on this dress code may be found below.)

But wait! There's more! What would a dance be without live music? That's right, a band will be playing for two whole hours, filling the room with the traditional sound of the 1920s! Their repertoire contains not only true Jazz Age music; they've created some jazzy spins on songs we all know and love from Japanese pop-culture. Doesn't that just sound like the bee's knees? Stay tuned for more information on the band itself!

So hop on by and cut a rug!

The dress code:

Everyone who wishes to attend the Roaring Twenties Dance must dress appropriately, so as to enforce the ambience of that time period. Checks will be done before entering and staff members reserve the right to reject anyone who does not meet the requirements. When there is doubt or disagreement, a member of the core staff may be called in for the final verdict.

We ask for your understanding and hope that you will agree with the rules we have set. No need to worry, though! It's really quite simple.

– Typical 20s gear. This includes the flapper dress, a 'house dress', a neat suit (with or without hat), a tuxedo, a 'barber shop' outfit... Even work-wear such as overalls and suspenders over a plain shirt will do! If choosing the latter, the typical newsboy cap is highly recommended to complete the ensemble, as well as a bow tie or regular tie.
– As an additional note, we are not bound by gender during this dance, so feel free to choose anything from the list!

– Casual wear. We're talking a plain T-shirt with nothing over it, we're talking jeans without suspenders, we're talking pajamas, we're talking onesies...
– Attire related to other themes. Futuristic rave outfits, colorful 80s outfits, holiday-themed outfits... Anything that doesn't clearly embody the Roaring Twenties theme is a no-no.
– Uniforms. Yes, it is technically work-wear, but you may not attend in your supermarket employee uniform. Sport uniforms, school uniforms and other such outfits are not allowed either.

The policy on shoes:
No limits! We understand that after a long day of walking across AnimeCon's venue, you'd rather not squeeze your feet into tight-fitting, uncomfortable shoes and you would prefer sneakers. We also understand that you might not want to pack two pairs of shoes to begin with. Therefore, so long as you aren't violating any other rules of the convention with your footwear, you will not be turned away from the dance based on your shoes.

The policy on cosplay:
– Cosplay is allowed, depending on just what sort of cosplay it is. It needs to embody the spirit of the 1920, and so, cosplays consisting of suits and dresses are allowed. For example, a regular version of Sailor Moon in her typical school uniform will be turned away, but Sailor Moon in a white and blue dress may enter (and her tiara would make a wonderful flapper headband). Edward Elric in his usual duds is a no, Edward Elric in the clothes he wears when he's stuck on the other side of the Gate (Earth) would be invited in. Newt Scamander is also allowed in, unless he's wearing his Hogwarts uniform or anything else that's not clearly dated as being from the 20s. The list goes on like that.
– Face paint and make-up may be as wild as you want. No one, not even the Joker, would be turned away based on outrageous face paint.

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If you wish to wear something not covered in the text above and you aren't certain whether it would fit the dress code, feel free to send an E-mail to and ask us about it!


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Friday 21:00 - Saturday 00:30

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