Japanese tales and legends

Gerard Jellema is a Dutch storyteller with a heart for Japan. He will share some of his best Japanese stories with you! Ancient Shinto legends, folk tales, fables of strange creatures... What more could you wish for?

Japan is a land of stories. Ancient Shinto legends, Buddhist tales of wisdom, fables of strange creatures like the tanuki and the kitsune, stories of samurais and geishas... A lot of these stories have left their marks in modern Japanese (pop)culture.

Be sure to visit both shows, as they will focus on different legends!


Saturday 11:30

Japanese Mythology: An Introduction.
All civilizations, all the cultures of the world, are built on stories and legends. So, which are the most important legends of Japanese mythology? Who are these Kami, the supernaturals beings and gods from the Shinto-religion? And how have they left their mark in modern Japanese culture?

Gerard Jellema is a storyteller with a heart for Japan. He has performed his stories on many Japan-related festivals. In this lecture, he will give an overview of Japanese mythology, with some storytelling thrown in.


Saturday 19:00

Kotoamatsukami: Legends of Creation.
The oldest legends of Japan. The stories of the creation of the universe, the legends of the Kamiyonayao (the first seven generations of the gods), how they fought and how they loved, how they created Japan, how they created life and death, how they created day and night... and how they created us, human beings.

In this storytelling-performance, Gerard will tell the oldest stories of Japan, the creation legends and the early adventures of the Shinto-gods.

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Antarctica / G & P Collectibles Room


Saturday 11:30 - 12:30

Saturday 19:00 - 20:00

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