Danny McFly Cosplay Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I'm the guy who sometimes does cosplay good, but most of the time just trolls around with memes. Lately, I have had the opportunity to work with a professional makeup artist and so most people probably know my popeye or android 16 cosplays. I have also represented Austria for both the EuroCosplay finals and the Crown Championship of Cosplay, among others. I fucking love cosplay to bits, and i love everyone who shares my passion. If you see me at AnimeCon, talk to me and lets have a great time!





What Dutch snack do you want to eat?

According to Google, i want to try Stroopwafel, Poffertjes and Bitterballen :) 

What weird thing have you heard about the Netherlands?

Well, your language is weird, as in I can sometimes understand it, and sometimes its just gibberish. Also I heard Dutch men are on average the tallest people in the world, so I will feel right at home. And after some googling I found out that you do three kisses for greeting, which is weird to me :D but I will do what I must!

What do you know about cows?

Coming from a cow country myself, pretty much everything :D For example, did you know that a cow can walk up stairs but never down? Since they can't bend their knees in the right way: it only works one way.

What do you think about our mascot Clara?
She's definitely a cow! (cow knowledge used right there!) also she looks very sassy!

What are you bringing to AnimeCon 2019?

Well, that is a good question! I am always working on new costumes, but most of my costumes don't travel to well (the problem with big armor). but if I can finish Vegeta until then, that's a very good chance to bring. Also maybe my new Nathan Drake costume. what else, Sportacus maybe? or Lucky Luke? I'ts hard to decide :D Maybe you can help me? end me messages what you would like to see!

What are you looking forward to at AnimeCon 2019?
The people. I love going to different countries and meeting new people all over the world. Talking to new people is definitely the best part of this hobby! Also I can't wait to see all the amazing costumes! 

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