Mr G & Ms M Interview


Tell us a little bit about yourself...
We are Mang & G from Taiwan. Friends call me G or GG whatever you like. We are a team which has a big zeal on cosplay performance, and loves to travel and meets new friends from different countries. Hope this time we can share and learn some new skills about cosplay from other players, see you there~🕺

What Dutch snack do you want to eat?
Yes, anything, cause we combine both of our answer here, but if we have to mention something we don't eat, here is our answer:
G: I don't eat raw meat, others should be OK (y) (y) (y)
Mang: I wanna try some haring!
G: I don't want to kiss you if you eat that. D: D: D:

What weird thing have you heard about the Netherlands?
Have not seen yet, we will see this time maybe. However, we have heard about the windmills and unique buildings. We can see many special buildings from the internet: the design is much more special than we can see in Taiwan.

What do you know about cows?
A very big convention, and it will hold an international competition C4

What do you think about our mascot Clara?
Cute, and it reminds us of the cartoon "Cow and Chicken".

What are you bringing to AnimeCon 2019?
We will bring two costumes for each, and here is our hint:
1. A boy who has the longest hair
2. Golden ratio spiral
1. A bule fighter
2. A disabled rider

What are you looking forward to at AnimeCon 2019?
To meet our old and new friends, and enjoy this AnimeCon event.


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