The "OtakuSquare.Com" Dealer Room Overview

Attention: Please be aware this information applied to our 2019 convention! Dealer information regarding our 2020 AnimeCon Classic edition will follow soon!

Vendors from all over Europe and some even farther away will sell their J-POP, anime, manga and cosplay-related merchandise in the Dealer Room. This has always been an important part of our festival and a huge attraction for our guests. It really is the easiest way to shop for anime and manga products in one single spot anywhere in the Benelux countries! The Dealer Room will be open on every day the festival is running.

With a new convention venue comes a new location for our Dealer Room. More information about the new Dealer Room will follow soon. With several hundred tables with items to choose from we advise you to come with enough cash in your pockets! Yes, seriously! Many vendors can accept cash only and even though it is usually possible to withdraw money at the Registration Desk, the lines can be long and cash may run out.

The merchandise offered by the vendors will be monitored by J-POP Foundation Staff, in cooperation with Fake is Sad, to make sure no bootleg material is being sold. All merchants are forbidden to bring and sell bootleg material. Despite our best efforts some bootlegs might slip through. If you see any, please contact the Dealer Room staff. For people that don’t know what we’re talking about, bootleg means: an illicitly-produced, distributed or sold product.

We expect a queue, because of the large volume of people wanting to access the Dealer Room and the time they want to spend in there. It may take some time before you can access the area. There is really no practical way to avoid this, so please don’t be too upset about it. Access will be on a first-come, first-served basis; except that disabled people and crew have priority entry to the area.

In the Dealer Room

In our Dealer Room you cannot just buy goods from our Dealers, you can also sell your old items at the Bring & Buy and try out computer drawing tools. You will also find many self-publishing manga and comics artists, usually working together in a group as a Doujinshi Circle. If you think just three days of festival a year is not enough, visit one of the other conventions who have a booth in our Dealer Room and buy a ticket from them.

Check our dealer overview for all our professional dealers and the wares they will sell. Check the artists overview for the circles.


Not Required.


The usual rules apply. Like always be prepared, as there WILL be a large number of people wanting to enter, resulting in a long queue. So chances are you will have to wait a bit before you can enter the area yourself. Remember this is for your own safety! Like always, please pay attention and follow the instructions given by our security staff and stewards.


All ticket types.


Rotterdam Ahoy, Hal 6

Opening hours

Friday 13:00 - 21:00

Saturday 10:00 - 20:30

Sunday 10:00 - 16:30

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